What to expect in a pet-friendly motel

Do you love your pet in such a way that you cannot leave it behind when you travel? You are lucky as there are many motels that allow pets. If this is the first time you travel with your pet, this is what you should expect:

Where does the dog stay

Pet-friendly motels have small cages where your pet will stay. If your dog is trained in boxes, you will find it very comfortable to live in the motel; However, if it is not, you may be anxious and have difficulty getting used to the new place. Before booking the motel, you should take a tour of the facilities and make sure it is clean, odorless and well organized.

If you do not want your pet to stay in a small cage, you must find a facility that offers exclusive accommodation. Such a facility generally has a small room with dog beds and toys that give the impression that it is still at home. If your dog has arthritis, you should make sure the room is large enough for him to walk.

Walking the dog

Most motels will allow you to walk the dog twice a day for a few minutes at a time. Before booking a motel, make sure you understand the number of times the dog is allowed to walk. If you want your dog to do more exercises, you should ask if there is a fenced area where the dog can wander a little.


While many pet-friendly motels will cook pet food, food may not be normal food for your pet. Since a change in diet can cause stress, such as diarrhea and vomiting, it is advisable to bring your own food.

You should keep in mind that many pets do not eat well when boarding; Therefore, you should always bring healthy foods that will make the motel's food tastier. To protect your dog, always inform the boarding establishment about the food your pet can and cannot eat.

When the pet gets sick

It is common for pets to get sick. The good thing is that many good motels check them regularly to make sure they are well. You should keep in mind that it is your responsibility to take care of veterinary bills in case your pet gets sick.


This is what you should expect when visiting a pet-friendly motel. To have a great experience, always do a thorough investigation and choose the best motel in the area.

Is your gardening damaging the environment?

It may be hard to believe, but gardening, although it has an image of being organic and, therefore, good, can damage the environment. Why? Because a large amount of carbon dioxide can be released through soil tillage. This contributes to global warming. When you grow and compact the soil, destroy good fungi. Fertilizers such as nitrogen and manure often escape the soil and contaminate the water you drink.

Global warming

Did you know that the biggest contributor to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the soil of the earth? It emits up to 10 times more than human activity produces. This comes from pills, microbes, fungi and worms when they breathe, digest food and then perish. Although in the past plants have been able to absorb carbon dioxide caused by small-scale tillage, this is no longer the case.
The increase in the average temperature of the globe has occurred due to the carbon dioxide emitted by the soil when grown. However, the good thing is that, fortunately, this cloud has a positive side, since tillage can be minimized by quilting or composting leaves.

Good mushrooms

In unworked soils, a beneficial fungus known as vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae, or VAM for short, thrives. VAM actually forms a symbiotic relationship with plants. The filaments increase the hairs of the roots and, therefore, provide nutrients to the plants that, in turn, produce zinc, copper, potassium and phosphorus. Plants provide carbohydrates for fungi in return. It is possible to grow a garden without tilling the soil at all, but by covering it tightly until the soil is soft and friable.

Excess nitrogen

Many gardeners waste nitrogen and manure, while farmers do it differently. Farmers only need between a quarter and a third of nitrogen to mix with an inch of compost, horse manure or cow. Kate Burroughs, of Sevastopol California, uses the same rule for her own lettuce and corns. When it comes to broccoli and pear trees, farmers only need to use a small amount. It is also true that gardeners apply higher amounts of compost and manure than most farmers. Obviously, they are not only wasting their fertilizer, but they are also, in uncertain terms, throwing money down the drain.

The best gardening advice I can offer in these circumstances is to address all things in moderation. Too much of something can be as harmful as too little.

Pet-friendly trips: alternatives to hotels and motels

Families often bring their dogs on vacation. Most people know that many hotels and motels allow pets, but what about other types of accommodation? Travelers with pets actually have many options, from bed and breakfasts to lodges and vacation rentals, and even the occasional spa.

The diversity of pet-friendly accommodations offers options for pet owners who may have something special in mind. For example, a couple looking for a romantic weekend can stay in one of the many Bed & Breakfasts that accept pets. Pets staying in a B&B should feel comfortable being close to other people; It shouldn't be excitable (don't jump on other guests!); and it must be smooth and quiet (many barking could ruin the intimate atmosphere of a B&B). And you should not ask for alms at the breakfast table!

An ideal cabin complex for families is an excellent option for guests who want many outdoor activities for children and plenty of space for walking the dog. Again, pets that visit family resorts should feel comfortable with many people around, but also with young children. Always keep your dog on a leash and under control and don't let him chase the children of other guests, even for fun. Bring many paw towels to clean your dog after spending the day playing. Some family resorts do not allow pets during the busy summer months due to the possibility of conflict between dogs and children.

Another option for travelers with pets, and an option that is becoming more popular, is a country house or a vacation rental. An advantage of a vacation rental is privacy. Many times, it is a single unit on its own property. Your dog has plenty of room to run and play, and occasional barking is less likely to bother anyone since there are no other guests. In addition, a vacation rental often has much more space for your family and your dog to relax (both indoors and outdoors) without having to worry about bumping into other guests.

Not all accommodations allow pets, so be sure to check before booking, even if you have stayed there before. This is especially important if you plan to bring a pet other than a dog: many accommodations that accept dogs may not allow cats, rabbits, birds or exotic pets, although some accommodations now offer the "Bale & Breakfast" option for guests traveling with your horses!

Of course, before you decide to take your pet on vacation, make sure he behaves well, is healthy and enjoys traveling. Ask yourself honestly what kind of things you want to do during the holidays: if it is mainly about things where your pet cannot join you, then it may be better to leave it comfortably at home with a trusted pet sitter. If you decide that you want to bring your puppy with you, ask the accommodation for your pet policies (including additional pet fees) before booking. And finally, be a good "pet ambassador": keep your pet under control, clean up after him and don't let him disturb other guests.

History of the gigantic lakes

Mammoth Lakes' history began 200,000 years ago, before the human populated the area. There were many volcano eruptions in the Mammoth Lakes area. The last eruption took place 50 millennia ago.

The Mammoth Lakes were not populated by white people at the beginning. First were the Native American tribes: Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe tribes. Later, in the 19th century, whites began to populate the Mammoth Lakes with the California Gold Rush. At that time many halls, hotels and houses were built. The city's growth process slowed down when people discovered that Mammoth Lakes were not really full of gold.

The tourist history of Mammoth Lakes began after 1890, where the first tourists began to visit Mammoth Lakes. They came to hunt, relax, take pictures, swim, fish in the pristine natural environment. The ski part gave more importance to Mammoth Lakes. The town of Old Mammoth was born at that time.

Many people came to Mammoth Lakes from Los Angeles and the trip took about 2 days from Los Angeles. A shop, a hotel, a bakery and a post office were built to represent Mammoth Lakes. Also many camps began to open. Those people built cabins in the lake basin area.
During the winter, only a few stayed to protect the properties and they were delivered mail and supplies with dog sleds.

Mammoth Lakes got its name from the mining era, Mammoth Mining Company.

Mammoth Lakes became a municipality in 1984. The population is around 10,000, but triples on weekends. Mammoth Lakes is now one of the favorite paradises of the California mountain resort.

Mammoth Lakes measures approximately 2,500 acres. It has successful schools, universities, hospitals, different art centers and an airport.

You can find more details of Mammoth here: http://www.bestofcalifornia.info/mammoth_lakes.html

You can read more about Mammoth Lakes accommodation, recreation and services here http://www.bestofcalifornia.info/

Disney World Vacation Guide – DW Savers

Grab your mouse ears, sunscreen and a pair of comfortable shoes, you're heading to Orlando!

Orlando is the most popular vacation destination in the world. Every year, tens of millions of people arrive by plane, car and train to visit the theme parks, restaurants and many other attractions in this rural Florida city. With so much to do and so many ways to do it, it can be easy for you and your wallet to feel overwhelmed. But do not worry! We are here to help.

This Disney World Savings article is the perfect way to minimize problems and maximize fun. Inside, you will find excellent advice on many of the major destinations, as well as useful information about the Orlando area. From theme parks to shopping, this is your source of holiday information for the whole family.

Disclaimer: Orlando is a dynamic and constantly changing destination. Attractions, restaurants, attractions and closer and open throughout the year, sometimes with little or no notice. This travel guide was accurate at the time of publication and may be subject to updates throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns about any information in this guide, feel free to email us or call the theme parks directly.

The Walt Disney World® Resort

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, visited by millions every year. What was once a swampy area of ​​Florida soil is now the Walt Disney World Resort (WDW), a vacation and entertainment wonderland with four major theme parks, two water parks, 23 hotels, seven golf courses ( five championships and two mini) a racecourse, sports complex, ten marinas, more than 140 places to eat and more.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the large number of things WDW offers. Let's take the complex one world at a time so you can plan your trip, in your own way.

The magic kingdom®

You go through the doors and there it is, like the opening scene of your own fairy tale: a beautiful castle at the end of a picturesque village street. Welcome to Main Street USA, the beginning of your Magic Kingdom (MK) experience.

Main Street USA is where it all begins, a perfect road full of shops and restaurants that takes you to the five worlds beyond. Along the street, you'll find lovely shops with all the Disney merchandise you can handle, plus some special items like hand-blown glass ornaments (with artisans you can see). Guest services is also on the main street; Remember to stop there to make reservations for dinner (always a good idea) and information about attractions that may be out of service for maintenance, parade schedules, special events and anything else you may need. This is also the place to rent strollers and wheelchairs.

While Main Street USA is considered primarily as the gateway to "real" attractions, there are also some great things to do here, especially for those times when you need a break from the crowds and the heat. Here are our main choices for Main Street:

Cut your hair! No, seriously: for just under $ 20, you can say that you cut your hair in a real and old-fashioned hair salon. It can even include some "magic" touches, as the highlight.

Send a postal letter! Go through the City Hall and send a postcard to the people back home. It will be sealed as coming from The Magic Kingdom; Send it to yourself to get a cheap souvenir.

Grab your ears! Le Chapeau's shop is the best place to get those iconic ears. Now you can customize the design and build your own hat, so everyone can have their own personal set.

Ride the rails! This is a great way to relax. Use the Walt Disney World railway to tour the park or take a trip to Frontierland. It is a particularly excellent way to end the day, especially if you can schedule it for sunset.

Main Street USA is also the place for parades. Check with the services for guests the schedules and types of parades; They can change throughout the year and for special events. Remember that the best places of observation are taken early, so make your specific claim and take the time to relax.

Beyond Main Street USA, five additional worlds await you: Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square and Tomorrowland. Each world has its own attractions, restaurants and shops; let's take one by one so you can plan your stops.

Adventureland: pirates and jungle adventures are the order of the day. Scouts and swordsmen of all ages come here for exotic entertainment, including street performers and the pirate training camp (ask a cast member where the next "class" will be). This is what you should not miss:

pirates of the Caribbean

Tiki's haunted room

Jungle cruise

Aladdin Magic Carpets

Frontierland: This land of the Old West is where you want to get your first FASTPASS tickets: send a member of your group as soon as you arrive and get your reservation for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Splash Mountain. If lunchtime is approaching, visit Peco Bill's for burgers at reasonable prices (for a theme park). Then get ready for these things you should do:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Mountain splash

Country Bear Jamboree

Liberty Square: this is one of the smallest lands, but it is also one of the most beloved. There are only three attractions here, and each one is definitely:

Haunted Mansion

The presidents room

Liberty Square Riverboat

Fantasyland: You are currently experiencing a massive expansion that will double in size, many Fantasyland are still open for fun and more will debut throughout the year. The whole place will be ready for 2014, so don't be surprised with all the walls and scaffolding you can see until then.

Families with younger children will spend a lot of time here, but older visitors can still find a lot to love. For many visitors, this land is the very essence of the Magic Kingdom; Here are some reasons why.

Crazy Tea Party

The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh

It is a small world

Prince Charming Royal Carousel

Under the sea: journey of the little mermaid

Ariel Grotto

Enchanted tales with Belle

Tomorrowland: This is a nostalgic look at what we once thought the future would be, with great attractions and a fun atmosphere.

Stitch & # 39; s Great Escape!

Buzz Lightyear & # 39; s Space Ranger Spin

Space Mountain

What character!

Throughout the WDW Resort there are many opportunities to meet and greet your favorite

Disney characters While there are places only for guaranteed reservations

meetings, like meals with characters, there are also places throughout

The complex where you can stand in line to shake hands or take a picture. For example, MK has

several specific areas configured for character greetings, including City Hall in

City square, Adventureland Congoasis and Ariel Grotto.

It is also known that the characters make appearances near the attractions associated with

them, as well as other places throughout the park. Check with Guest Services for

Find out when and where they will meet and greet your favorites.


Experimental prototype community of tomorrow: it was the dream city of Walt, but it opened as the theme park known as EPCOT. If you want your vacation to include attractions, technology, world cultures and street performers, you've come to the right place.

While MK is a paradise for the little ones, EPCOT is ideal for older children and adults, especially teenagers and pre-teens knowledgeable about technology. This park is also known for having some of the best food on Disney property, along with some of the most difficult reserves to catch, if you go during a high capacity period of the year, plan accordingly by calling 1-407 – WDW -DINE

EPCOT is divided into two areas: Future World and World Showcase.

World of the future: this is the place for most attractions, interactive exhibits and constantly changing technology. Here things are nice and organized, so it is easy to see everything in one day. But if you want to know what you should do, we have the list for you.

Earth spaceship

Soarin & # 39;

Test track

Mission: SPACE

Journey to the imagination with figment

Living with the earth

World Showcase: this is the place for culture, shows, food and some walks. World Showcase is a way to see some of the most famous destinations in the world without a passport.

Each country, or flag, has food, goods and cast members from the country itself. Shows and movies complete the experience. The permanent pavilions of World Showcase are Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. Mexico and Norway have boat rides: Grand Fiesta Tour with The Three Cabelleros and Maelstrom.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

It's time for the magic of the movies, Mouse style. Disney & # 39; s Hollywood Studios (DHS) is WDW's tribute to "Hollywood that never was, and always will be." This is the place for favorite movies, the big ones on television and three of the best exciting games anywhere. DHS is also where you'll find most of the new Disney characters, including monsters inc and new and classic muppets.

DHS is a compact and well organized park, which makes it easy to do it on a great day. However, if you have plenty of time, be sure to see as many shows as possible; DHS is known by some of the best. And make sure you're late for Fantasmic! It is considered the best of the nightly shows, and is the only regular event in the park that presents Disney's villains. Take an early seat, regardless of the time of year, or enjoy dinners and shows by making reservations for the Fantasmic! Package in The Hollywood Brown Derby, Mama Mellrose & # 39; s Ristorante Italiano or Hollywood & Vine.

Here is your list of absolute musts for DHS:

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Aerosmith Rock n roller coaster

The great ride of the movie

Toy Story Mania

Indiana Jones spectacular trick show

Muppet vision 3D

Star tours

Disney Animal Kingdom Park

Animal Kingdom (AK) may be the youngest of the WDW parks, but its popularity lives up to its sibling attractions. This "Natazu" (say it out loud and you'll get it) features live animals, good food, great attractions and some really impressive architectural touches, even by Disney standards.

AK is divided into lands (like MK). Some are based on regions of the world, with theming and native animals of the region, and others are more imaginative. Here is the summary of what is where

Oasis: Many people make the mistake of crossing this entry point; Do not be one of them. Take your time and see miniature deer, sloths, macaws, iguanas and more.

Discovery Island: the center of the park is dominated by the artistic wonder The Tree of Life. The tree is 14 stories high, 50 feet wide and has a carved "bark" tapestry that features 325 similarities of different animals. Wildlife trails also surround the tree, with observation areas of lemurs, flamingos, red kangaroos and giant Galapagos turtles. Inside the tree there is a theater where you can experience It & # 39; s Tough To Be A Bug, a spooky interactive film that shows what a favorite park is like.

Camp Minnie Mickey: take the little ones here to have fun as a child and most of AK's characters meet and greet each other. This is also home to the Lion King Festival show, which inspired the award-winning Broadway musical.

Africa: Welcome to Harambe, a beautiful African town that is your way to Kilimanjaro Safari and a walk through the African animal territory. Once you descend from your safari vehicle, leave the Paganini Forest Exploration Trail to observe the lowland gorillas, including a magnificent 500-lb silverback male and his family. Take your time through these trails, this is one of the few places in the world where you can observe these amazing primates. Then, take the little ones to Rafiki & # 39; s Planet Watch later, as a reward for your patience: you will love the petting zoo of the Affection Section.

Asia: You have discovered the kingdom of Anandapur, which means "place of delight." The Imagineers did an amazing job creating the feeling of a crumbling archeological wonder, so be sure to keep an eye on intricate details. Of course, that could be difficult to do, since your entire party will run to get to Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, Disney's new and exciting journey. FASTPASS sure: this roller coaster is worth your full visit. On a hot day, head to the Kali River Rapids, where the rough waters guarantee a good time for everyone. You can see more closely the animals in Maharajah Jungle Trek, including the Bengal Tigers.

Dinoland, USA UU .: It may not be the best dinosaur attraction in the world, but it's still a good Disney fun. The Boneyard is a place for children to dig, climb and slide while parents have time to sit and watch. Then take the whole family to Dinosaur, a fun and accelerated race against time. Finally, take a seat for Finding Nemo-The Musical. This magnificent and visually impressive reinvention of the popular film is considered the must-see show of the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

Our tips for WDW parks

FASTPASS: It's like making a reservation for your favorite WDW attraction. Simply insert your admission ticket, annual pass or resort identification, and the machine prints a pass with the time you must return to the trip. You cannot choose your time, and you can only have one active FASTPASS at a time, but that doesn't matter: on a busy day, it can save you waiting hours on the lines.

A tip from FASTPASS: if you lose your scheduled time, don't worry. Your FASTPASS is valid for any time after the time on your ticket.

Drive while other guests are busy: meals, parades and fireworks often take people away from major attractions. Drive while everyone else is distracted and may experience much shorter wait times.

Do not refill! WDW has water sources throughout the park. Bring your own water bottles (the park allows them) and refill throughout the day.

Snack to save time: snack stalls offer quick and light options for meals along the way; Remember that a heavy meal will probably slow you down, especially in hot climates.

WDW water parks

Blizzard beach

Welcome to the 66-acre ski resort on Mount Gushmore! Blizzard Beach has a white sand beach and a tropical lagoon. This is the youngest of Disney's water parks, but it is also the most popular; In fact, it is the most popular water park in the country. It has excellent attractions for all ages, from emotions and speed to lazy and relaxing. Here are some highlights:

Cross country creek

Melted Bay

Tike's Peak

Teamboat springs

Plumbed Summit

Typhoon Lagoon

Slightly smaller and a little more relaxed both in theme and emotion than Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon is the second WDW water park. Crowds tend to be a bit smaller here, as it is the oldest of the two parks, but you can still expect long waits and full pools during high attendance periods of the year. The waters of Typhoon Lagoon are kept at a warm, but still refreshing, temperature of 75-80 ° F throughout the year, which makes it a water park of choice even in Orlando's short winter.

The story of Typhoon Lagoon focuses on Miss Tilly, a shrimp boat that ended up trapped in Mount Mayday volcano after "storm storms." In half an hour, Miss Tilly still blows the whistle, while Mount Mayday tries to evict the ship by sending a water geyser directly through it and into the air.

The best known attraction in Typhoon Lagoon is probably the Shark Reef. Here, you can dive and even dive with live sharks (leopards and hatheads), as well as rays and a variety of tropical fish. Those visitors are not brave enough to get into the water (sharks are not dangerous!) They can see the fish through the portholes of a "sunken tanker."

There are also nine slides, ranging from emotion to pure laziness. Here is the summary of some of the favorites:

Castaway Creek

Crush & # 39; n & # 39; Oil well

Gang Plank Falls

Humunga Kowabunga

Surf pool

Sports, shopping and more

Disney & # 39; s Wide World of Sports® Complex

This is Disney's tribute to sports and to the people who practice and love them. It is a 220-acre mega complex with a baseball stadium, ten baseball and softball fields, six basketball courts, 12 tennis courts (fully lit), six volleyball courts (sand, of course), a track complex and field, driving range for golfers, and even two indoor roller hockey courts. The Josten Center multi-sport auxiliary center offers six other basketball courts, 12 more volleyball courts and two more roller hockey rinks.

Sports fans should know that big names often also appear here. The Atlanta Braves come for Spring Training every March, and the NBA, PGA, NCAA and Harlem Globetrotters are hosting events and games here. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also use the sports complex as their training ground in July and August.

Call 407-WDW-GAME for more information, including an event calendar and ticket information.


This interactive indoor theme park is the perfect choice for your group's technicians or for the whole family on a rainy day. It has five levels of avant-garde games, where virtual reality meets adventure, all with a touch of that special Disney elves dust. Teenagers will LOVE, but there is something for everyone. Don't miss the virtual versions of the popular MK games, including Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold, Virtual Jungle Cruise, CyberSpace Mountain and Aladdin & # 39; s Magic Carpets.

CyberSpace Mountain is a particular favorite, where Bill Nye the Science Guy helps you create the roller coaster and then lets you ride it, it's really a personalized travel experience. Guests with artistic inclinations should visit Animation Station to see an intensive course of Disney-style animation. Arrive here at the opening to get the most action with less waiting time and the nights here can be filled unbearably.

Disney golf

WDW has 99 total golf holes, spread across six courses. There are also two mini golf resorts, which compete with similar sites throughout Orlando. While great golfers in your group can plan great outings with their friends (departure times can be booked 60-90 days in advance), Oak Trail is the best place to arrive in nine holes. It is a lovely and quiet hiking course, suitable for beginners, expert links or even families. There are some great challenges, especially on holes 5, 6 and 7. Other courses and mini golf include:



Osprey Ridge

Lake Buena Vista

Fantasia Gardens (mini)

Fairways Fantasia (mini)

Winter Summerland (two mini courses: winter and summer)

And remember, just golf shoes without spikes! Sneakers or similar sports shoes are also allowed.

Downtown Disney

If shopping, dining and a state-of-the-art multiplex are part of your dream vacation, this is where you'll want to spend some time. It is divided into three areas: West Side, Pleasure Island (which will soon be Hyperion Wharf) and The Marketplace.

West Side has DisneyQuest and incredible dining experiences, such as Bongos Cuban Café, House of Blues, Wolfgang Puck & # 39; s and Planet Hollywood. There is a 24-screen AMC movie theater, which presents all your first premiere needs in a beautiful art deco setting. West Side also presents Cirque du Solei La Nouba, an exclusive Disney show from the world-famous cutting-edge company. Buy tickets in advance if you want to see the show: its popularity is almost unmatched. And the new thing for 2013 is Splitsville, a two-story complex with 30 bowling lanes and entertainment with live music and excellent restaurants.

Pleasure Island was once the center for 18-year-olds at the center of Disney, with clubs and restaurants serving a multitude of adults. That ended in 2008, and the area has been partially unused since then. But things are changing! Disney announced plans at the end of 2010 to transform Pleasure Island into a new area of ​​shops and restaurants, Hyperion Wharf. Construction is expected to take three years; some shops and restaurants will remain open during the long renovation, including the Raglan Road Irish pub and bar, Fuego by Sosa Cigars, Paradiso 37 and Orlando Harley-Davidson.

Disney Marketplace also has excellent restaurants, especially Frabon & # 39; s Crab House for succulent seafood in a beautiful riverboat. Captain Jack & # 39; s (no connection to Johnny Depp's character) is the place for oysters and cold beer, in an informal beachfront restaurant that also has an excellent children's menu. Children will also love the Rainforest Café, where there are often live animals (mostly parrots) on display outside. Marketplace is also home to World of Disney. No trip is complete without a visit here, although parents trying to fit a budget may want to corner the children once they cross the door!

How to move around the mouse: transportation at the Walt Disney World® Resort

Monorail: The Walt Disney Monorail system has been in operation since the park was opened in 1971. It originally ran around the circumference of the Seven Seas Lagoon, but was expanded in 1982 to offer monorail transport to EPCOT. If you stay at one of the Magic Kingdom hotels

– The Contemporary, The Polynesian, or The Grand Floridian: the monorail passes by your hotel. Everyone else picks up the monorail at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT or at the Transportation and Ticket Center, known as TTC.

The TTC is the central point for Disney's transportation. In addition to the monorails, the TTC is also where you can find Disney buses (and other hotels in the area), ferries, water taxis and a massive parking lot for cars, taxis and buses.

Buses: Disney resort buses go to all Disney hotels, main parks, water parks, downtown Disney and the Wide World of Sports. There are dozens of buses for each location, but the routes are not always the most direct. In addition, buses can be extremely crowded during peak periods, such as opening, closing and meals. Consider the weather: if you are in a hurry to get somewhere, buses may not be your best option.

Parking: While monorails, ferries, water taxis and Disney buses are free, if you prefer to use your own car, the daily parking fee is $ 14 for cars and motorcycles, and $ 15 for trailers and motorhomes. Your parking pass is good for the whole day, no matter how often you move your car. Disney Resort hotel guests and annual pass holders do not have to pay for parking anywhere in the Walt Disney complex. It is always courtesy.

Fun for all the ages.

WDW attracts guests of all ages, from families with young children to retirees and spring break. Everyone has their own favorites, but if you are looking for planning help, these are our options for the best options for the most common age groups: children, teenagers and adults.

Consider the following abbreviations for each park:

MK = Magic Kingdom® Park

EP = Epcot®

DHS = Disney & # 39; s Hollywood Studios ™

AP = Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park

The best for younger children

Attractions: Voyage of the Little Mermaid (DHS), Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (MK), Finding Nemo: The Musical (AK), Buzz Lightyear (MK)

Come: 50 Prime Time Café (DHS), Cosmic Ray & # 39; s (MK), Coral Reef Restaurant (EP), Toy Story Pizza Planet (DHS)

The best for teenagers

Attractions: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (DHS), Philharmagic (MK), Phantasmic (DHS), Rock n Roller Coaster (DHS), Haunted Mansion (MK), Space Mountain (MK), Splash Mountain (MK), Mission: Space (EP), Expedition Everest (AK)

Restaurants: Pecos Bills (MK), Via Napoli (EP), Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater (DHS)

The best for adults

Attractions: Muppet Vision 3-D (DHS), Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (DHS), Test Track (EP), Soarin & # 39; (EP)

Restaurants: Victoria and Albert & # 39; s (Grand Floridian Resort), California Grill (Contemporary Resort), Narcoosees (Grand Floridian Resort), Chefs du France (EP), Jiko (AK Lodge), Rose and Crown (EP), Le Cellier (EP)

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading our guide to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Have a good trip!

Enjoy homemade tea when camping at Wright Beach

Since our last major camp in Death Valley National Park last December, we had been looking for another camp that would be closer to home as a weekend getaway, but at the same time not so close as to feel that we are camping on our own camp. courtyard. And although my husband always prefers to camp in front of the beach so that nothing prevents him from enjoying the ocean view, my once terrible experience of losing all night of the dream of the implacable wind of the sea that constantly hit our tent has made me doubt in camping in front of the beach. unless the camp has bushes around to block the wind that would guarantee me a good night's sleep.

Truly in luck

Luckily, I finally got a site at Wright & # 39; s Beach Campground to spend our last weekend of April there after revisiting the online booking site several times. This is a super popular camp in northern California that faces the Pacific Ocean directly and is about two hours by car from home (or similar hours if traveling from San Francisco). On top of that, the last weather forecast for that weekend was all sunny, with clear blue sky and temperature at comfortable 70-75 ° F (21-24 ° C), not the foggy and cold weather that we often encounter at Travel through that area. And since a few weeks ago we were forced to cancel our trip to Dune Campground Winery, about 10-15 minutes drive from the Wright & # 39; s Beach Campground, due to heavy rains that weekend, boy, this time we were very lucky. ! And our luck continued when the ranger told us upon arrival that we might consider moving from our reserved site # 22 to site # 14 whose reservation was canceled. We took it after a quick inspection of the site because # 14 was much closer to the beach.

Accommodating and relaxed

We decided to settle completely before heading to the beach. When we settled, we noticed that this was a dog camp. Several of our neighbors brought their dogs with them. There were only 22 sites in total at this camp. With shrubs that naturally divide each site and block the wind from the sea, I would consider this to be the most serene camp I have experienced. In addition, not only each of the six bathrooms near our site was very clean, well maintained, but each had its own tap, hot water and a bar soap inside the bathroom. Although the camp had no showers, we agree with that since we would camp just one night.

A few steps and we were on the beach. The beach was very clean. Apparently, our daughter was intrigued by a lot of large and intact clam shells scattered on the beach and had a lot of fun picking them up in her sand bucket. To our surprise and enjoyment, there were few people on the beach that Saturday afternoon, a rather unusual sight on the standards of California beaches, but surely a pleasant one. The sunset view was beyond words. I grew up in the island nation of Taiwan, traveled and lived in several countries in Europe, the Middle East and the United States, and I have seen many beautiful sunsets. But for this, you have to see it to believe me when I said it was beyond words. It is really divine, serene and cheerful.

Barbecue and homemade Oolong tea

Between two visits to the beach that Saturday afternoon, we had prepared grilled chicken marinated in America, dried dough, Indian tandoori and Korean barbecue sauce, respectively, as well as grilled vegetables and mushrooms. To relieve all that fat in our stomach, we had a cup of Taiwan Oolong tea that I prepared at home an hour before our trip.

Oolong tea has become a healthy and regular drink that you would bring during the camp. It is healthier compared to sugary drinks such as soda and juice; it does not require refrigeration or cooler to stay fresh, as does orange juice and yogurt; Anyone can enjoy as much as they can, day or night, without worrying about being intoxicated.

But it is difficult to resist the sugar fever even when we are in the camp. So later we prepare the sweet mint tea in the Middle East style: we pour a lot of fresh mint from homegrown in a pot of hot black tea with a couple of tablespoons of sugar, we look at the stars and enjoy the family conversation at the campfire Before calling him one night.

Whale watching with more tea

We woke up with a beautiful, sunny and warm Sunday morning. And for the first time in my life, I didn't bother wearing a jacket to avoid the cold while I was on the beach in the morning. We sat on the beach watching our daughter chasing waves and people surfing and enjoyed doing nothing but sunbathing for a few hours and drinking more Oolong iced tea. We were even lucky to see two whales, one large and one small, leaving the sea at close range. Later we learned that Wright & # 39; s Beach is a popular place to watch whales.

To make the most of this trip, we heated our chicken and grilled bread for lunch at the beach table near the daily use area and stayed until mid-afternoon, before going on the road with a completely satisfied heart.

How to pack for a day at Disneyland with the family

Most families, when planning a day at Walt Disneyland, focus more on fun, games and excitement, and less on planning what to pack to make the most of their visit. There are several things to take, especially if you travel with a family. Some items will help you save money during your visit, while others simply make sense or increase the excitement of the children in the group.

It is important to keep in mind that Disneyland is the most popular tourist attraction in California. This means that everything inside Disneyland will cost significantly more than buying the same items outside the park. No matter what your budget for your trip to Disneyland, expenses quickly accumulate during the day, even when you only buy small items or snacks. If you live 600-700 miles from Anaheim, it may be cheaper to travel by car than by plane, and driving also allows you to pack more and spend less.

As for clothing, bringing a variety can save you and your family great suffering if the weather changes while you are in the park. For example, while rain is rare, it is not an impossible occurrence and downpours can occur with little warning. Therefore, including additional clothing in case you need to change to something dry can be important. Be sure to include a change of shoes and socks.

In addition, although Anaheim's climate is considered to have a Mediterranean climate, even with warm winters and hot summers, mornings and afternoons can be cool, so be sure to wear lighter clothes for the day and warmer items in case of Let it cool down.

Making sure you have appropriate clothing options to cover different climatic possibilities can avoid the need to buy marked Disney ears for the whole family.

Other extras you can pack for the park to save money while driving include:

  • Water bottles
  • Juice boxes or other packaged drinks
  • Appetizers
  • Diapers, wipes and changing table
  • Walker
  • Toilet seat covers
  • Antibacterial products

While Disney obviously prefers to buy snacks and drinks in the park, you can pack small boxes or zippered bags full of snacks and juice boxes or bottled water in diaper bags, buggy bottoms, or in camera or camcorder bags. (However, it is not recommended to pack liquids in camera bags or camcorders, since if they somehow open or spill, expensive equipment can easily be ruined.)

To save even more money, consider packing light lunches like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or other options that won't spoil during the day. Lunch for a family of four bought at any establishment in the park can be quite expensive even for simple meals.

A great savings tip for regular visitors with children is to create a Disney Box. One of the unnecessary expenses of a trip back to Disneyland is having to buy the same souvenirs that you have previously bought. Often, memories without which children cannot live in the park remain precious possessions until something newer catches their attention, such as the new and modern toy or the beginning of the school year.

When your children lose interest in their Disney memories, put them in a box and save them for your next trip. When it's time for the next visit, hide the memories in your luggage and don't tell them you have the items until you go to the park. Considering the increase in Disney items that buy the same things several times, knowing that they will only keep your child's attention for a limited period of time is a waste of money. Maybe I can add a new item for each child. (It's a good idea to give them a price limit so they don't choose one of the park's most expensive memories).

Whether you visit or not, you can also pack Disney items that you buy in dollar stores and wholesalers before you leave, such as pens, small notebooks, jewelry, and sunglasses for children, along with many other types of products. Spread these items during the day when you are in the park can decrease the constant requests for each memory your children see and save you a package.

The ability to pack a larger quantity will help ensure that you have your children's favorite food, additional clothing and toys or stuffed animals brands. This can be particularly important if your children are younger or tend to refuse to eat or wear brands that are unfamiliar. Thinking before any "must haves" for your children can avoid tantrums if your favorites are not available in or near the park.

The more you can bring to the park, the less you will have to buy while you are there. However, keep in mind that, while bringing additional items will save money, you should be careful with the amount of excess weight these items represent, as you will load it throughout the day.

General items to pack for the day

Again, remember that while certain items may seem like a great idea to take with you in the morning before leaving, you may not find them a great idea after taking them for several hours. In addition, while your children may insist on taking their favorite toy, a stuffed animal, or other "essential" items, it is likely that they will soon carry these items as well. Be sure to think about what you plan to carry with you and evaluate each item in terms of what you need to be measured with respect to how practical it will be to carry it with you.

Consider renting a locker to store things that you may not need to carry with you throughout the day, such as changing clothes, shoes and snacks and drinks "just in case". While you want to be able to access potential needs, you don't want to load yourself to the point that these items become a nuisance rather than a practical aspect.

If you are traveling with a baby, make sure you have bottles and any cover you need if you are breastfeeding. Also bring any special food your children may need, such as baby food or items without ingredients to which they are allergic. Disneyland has a Baby Care Center where you can bottle feed or breastfeed, as well as change your baby comfortably.

Other items to pack to make your day as pleasant as possible include:

  • Autograph books – Buy each child an autograph book before leaving since those in the park are expensive. These can be used to obtain autographs of characters. You can also buy fat markers for characters with costumes that cover their hands may sign. You can also make custom autograph books with your children.
  • Camcorder and / or camera (don't forget your memory card) – To capture all those special moments during your trip.
  • Cash – While most Disneyland purchases accept credit cards, some of the kiosks do not.
  • Fan with the lord – To use during the heat of the day to cool off
  • Hat for each family member – Helps prevent heat exhaustion during hot months, but can also be useful throughout the year
  • First aid box – While there are first aid stations, it is a good idea to carry a small first aid kit in case of falls or scratches.
  • Sunscreen / Sunglasses – Be sure to bring these items for additional sun protection
  • At least a pair of extra socks – Whether due to rain, excessive sweating or water games, at some point your feet will get wet. Dry socks will prevent blisters and chafing that can make walking through Disneyland miserable. (In case you develop blisters, moleskin is a great product to reduce pain and prevent the blister from getting worse.)
  • Pennies – Children never get tired of the pressed penny machines scattered around the park, so make sure you have a pocket full of change.

Packing for family members with disabilities or special needs

Sometimes, you will need to pack items that are a requirement rather than a convenience. Make sure you have adequate amounts of any medication that family members need during the day. Keep any medication you carry with you in a waterproof container, secured in a zippered pocket or other area of ​​the compartment that can be buckled so you don't lose any during walks. Medications that you do not need to carry with you at all times, such as something that should be taken only once during the day, can be left in your locker or, if possible, you can bring only one dose. Check to make sure you have emergency remedies, such as diabetes medications, epi-pen / severe allergy remedies or other health conditions.

For visually impaired family members, make sure all items that help them see are packed or worn. For those who wear glasses, be sure to bring something that secures them while wearing them on the rides so they don't fall on some of the wildest rides. Many stores sell straps with loops in which the final pieces of the frame can be slid and wrapped tightly around the back of the head.

For family members with mobility difficulties, if possible, bring a folding wheelchair. Renting strollers and wheelchairs can be expensive and often requires waiting in long lines.

For family members with associated verbal and audio disabilities, be sure to pack any hearing aid or communication facilitator, such as communication boards. Plan how hearing aids can be secured during trips if possible and, if not, determine if it is practical for the individual to go on trips without using them. If the option is not to use them during trips, determine where they will be stored during the trip. Decide if leaving them with the wizard is an acceptable option or, otherwise, how they can be stored safely.

While there are numerous items listed here, ultimately, what you pack should be what makes sense to your family. Your options will vary according to your budget, the number of accompanying children and their ages, how many people can reliably carry a small backpack or other bag throughout the day and any special needs of family members.

Remember that the day is about creating magical memories and, although you want to have what you need based on your family's individual circumstances, you also don't want to have to continually check to make sure you have everything you brought with you.

The Grove of the Women's Federation – A hidden gem in the redwoods

the Grove Women's Federation , known as the Grove of Women by the locals who live in the area, was founded in the early 1930s by members of the clubs of the Women's Federation of California. Located on the banks of the South Fork of the Eel River, it is literally in the center of the Redwood Empire. It is less than a mile south of the world famous Founder & # 39; s Tree on the old 101 freeway, now called the Avenue of the Giants, and approximately six miles north of the picturesque city of Myers Flat, where the author lived. when I was little.

The entrance to the park is in a sharp curve on the road and it is easy to overlook it. Traveling south on Avenida de los Gigantes, the entrance to the forest is one mile south of the Founder's Tree. It will be the first turn to the right after passing under the main road. The road to the woman's grove, which is approximately 1/8 of a mile long, is extremely narrow and not ideal for large platforms. If you have a large recreational vehicle, it may be convenient to send someone ahead to make sure the path of a lane is clear before entering the forest.

Once there, you will discover that the women's forest is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth, it is difficult to describe the tranquility of the place.

In addition to its magnificent redwood trees, the forest has two main characteristics. The grove picnic tables have been formed from giant redwood trunks 30 to 40 feet long. These solid wood tables are exclusive to Women & # 39; s Grove and you won't find anything similar anywhere else in Humboldt County.

The second feature is even more unique. In 1933, the world-famous architect of the Julia Morgan Bay area, famous for Hearst Castle, designed a four-sided covered outdoor fireplace for the forest. This magnificent structure survives today in the same way as when it was first built, although its roof of redwood planks has been replaced several times in the last 80 years. The chimneys are still functional, but to use in one of them you must bring your own wood, since wood harvesting is not allowed in the forest.

In the past, when the state of California could afford it, a summer pedestrian bridge was placed each year to allow visitors to cross the eel and visit the Rockefeller Redwood Forest, which is located across the river. Now days you will have to wade the river to do it. Unless you are extremely fit and adventurous, it is probably best to drive the short distance to the Rockefeller Redwood Forest if you wish to visit them.

A short path on the north side of the forest leads to a nice swimming hole in the Eel river. The convenience of this swimming place varies from year to year depending on factors such as rain. As a general rule, The Eel is a good river for swimming during the first months of summer, at the end of summer and in autumn it is less suitable for swimming due to moss, especially in the dry years.

The woman's forest is a very special place! You don't want to just drive, look around for a few minutes and drive to see another redwood forest. No, there are two excellent picnic areas in Northern California, this is one of them! Then, come prepared to spend the day. Bring a picnic basket and a bottle or two of good wine and plan to spend the day, the night also if the weather is warm.

If possible, plan to visit on a day of the week. Few tourists know about the women's forest, but the locals do; therefore, the forest will be more crowded on weekends when the people of Eureka and Fortuna come to the forest to escape the misty summers in northern Humboldt County.

PS: I will tell you about the second large picnic area of ​​Northern California in an upcoming article. Until then!

The best golf resorts in the world: train and play for your vacation!

The best golf resorts in the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean may be your choice for your next vacation. Turn it into a golf vacation to train and play! There are many package deals available to make your trip much more than a break from your routine. A golf vacation will be a practical experience of improving your golf game, enjoying an extraordinarily quiet and luxurious environment, and visiting a different state or a different country! This planning guide will show you some of the best golf resorts in the world.

Whether you finally book for yourself or through an experienced golf travel specialist, start your research online where you can find top-notch golf courses and travel bargains. Rates, resort services and golf course details are available. But look for packages that include airfare, hotel accommodation and green fees to get the best value. The typical Golf Resort vacation package will include most of these features:

  • Air fare
  • Resort accommodation
  • Tee Times confirmed
  • Prepaid green fees
  • Shared car for 18 holes
  • Equipment rental
  • Golf lessons
  • Meals in exclusive restaurants
  • Course transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • All taxes and service charges

The golf courses are planned in a lovely setting where you can enjoy the sea breeze or the views of the lush vegetation, and you can combine golf with other resort amenities to provide a complete vacation.

For example, try one of the many glamorous Club Med Golf Resorts with beautiful streets in the most unforgettable and welcoming places around the world. Club Med offers deals that include the best golf equipment and lessons for all levels! Its locations include Cancun, Mexico, as well as Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Other places span the world: Turks and Caicos Islands, Mauritius, Portugal, France, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal and in the United States – Sandpiper Bay, Florida.

Scotland has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world and there are approximately 100 resorts, called "golf hotels", among the more than 500 golf courses across the country. The best known are Turnberry, Gleneagles and The Old Course Hotel St. Andrews. Each of these has a spa, leisure facilities, excellent restaurants and "golf tuition" packages for all levels.

Mexico has numerous golf resorts perched on luxurious coastal locations. There are golf resorts in Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. In addition, Mexico has its Baja championship version of California's famous "Pebble Beach" golf complex, called Bajamar, just a few hours drive from San Diego in Ensenada.

For the United States, check online some of the golf resorts suggested by key magazines such as Golflink& # 39; s publishing The 100 best golf courses in the United States. This theme occupies the best place among more than 21,000 public and private golf courses throughout the country. However, within those one hundred courses, you want to look for resorts with packages of golf programs and lessons. Among the top hundred, you will find that the main states of vacation destination with golf resorts are in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas. Let's review these states for your best locations:

  • In sunny and always temperate Florida, the Club Med Sandpiper Bay Golf Academy offers 2 and 3 day golf courses. The Academy includes all aspects of the game, such as Chipping, Putting, Bunker, Pitching and Lob Shot, Full Swing with Irons and Woods. A video that analyzes your swing is provided, as well as an optional video that compares your swing with that of a professional player. In addition, the area in and around Miami has regional golf resorts for vacations throughout the year. Each resort offers on-site services and amenities, both on and off the field, and minutes from Miami's main attractions, such as South Beach and Miami MetroZoo. You will have a multitude of options during a golf vacation here.
  • Arizona has adequate weather for many months of the year and Scottsdale has almost 200 golf courses, many with the scenic backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. It is a golf destination with golf schools and golf shops. Here, many resorts offer high quality accommodation and championship golf courses. Most golf resorts offer packages in which hotel guests can have discounted green rates. In addition, Sedona, Arizona, offers numerous golf resorts with mild weather throughout the year and spectacular panoramic views of red rocks.
  • In California, Pebble Beach is known for being a small coastal golf destination located in the beautiful Monterey County. It is home to the prominent golf courses of Pebble Beach, the Pebble Beach Lodge and the prestigious Inn at Spanish Bay. Every year, golfers rub shoulders with golf professionals and experience nature at its best on the magnificent golf course designed by leading golf course designers. The harmony of golf designs and the majestic coast are impressive!
  • Another paradise for golfers is conveniently located along the South Atlantic coast on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It combines natural beauty and world-class golf on a barrier island 12 miles long and five miles wide. Nicklaus, Palmer and other golf legends have frequently played these championship courses. Since the first course at Sea Pines opened in 1961, there are now emerald links in Harbor Town and excellent courses in Bluffton, since the Hilton Head area has become an important golf center. It is legendary for its spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, picturesque swamps and maritime forests with abundant wildlife. The mild climate and the sun throughout the year also make Hilton Head Island the perfect place to play.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, is quietly emerging as one of the fastest growing golf destinations in the United States amid the glitz and glamor of its casinos. The city's huge convention center and the innumerable hotel rooms make it a natural refuge for large-scale golf events. With the sun throughout the year and mild temperatures, and much to do after a whole day of playing golf, from playing to watching entertaining shows, this golf destination will continue to grow.
  • CNN ranked Austin, Texas, the number 1 city for golf on its 2010 Golf.com. Framed by the Texas Hill Country, Austin's golf courses are among the best in the United States. The region stands out for the Wolfdancer Golf Club, which was named No. 56 in GolfweekThe complex's top 100 golf courses in 2009. In addition to being a large city of contemporary music and home to numerous celebrities, Austin offers golfers a great barbecue, idyllic weather all year round and luxury accommodations.

Your best package will be in all-inclusive resorts, where air flight, lodging, meals and golf activities are included in a single price. On the other hand, consider traditional hotels and resorts in the suggested places. With a little planning online, one of the best golf resorts in the world may be your affordable option. Enjoy the location, exploring the region while improving your golf game and providing a joyful and complete vacation for your family and loved ones!

(c) 2012 Elizabeth McMillian

The Oktoberfest is no longer just for Germans!

So how did this global party start? Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, who was later crowned King Ludwig I, wanted his people to participate in the celebration of his marriage to Princess Teresa of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. Ludwig organized a horse race and invited All the people of Munich. The royal party attracted some 40,000 guests, an important party, according to ordinary standards, but only a small fraction of the 6.4 million people at Oktoberfest in recent years. A good time and large quantities of beer were apparently enjoyed throughout that first year. It was decided that the horse race would be held again in 1811, this time in conjunction with the state agricultural show.

Although the horse race was finally abandoned, many features of the first Oktoberfest celebrations have remained the same, if not extended. The annual Munich celebration is still held at the original site, called Theresienwiese ("Theresa's fields"), in front of the city gates. The agricultural show remains a characteristic, although now it is only celebrated every three years. The tradition of beer and food stalls, started in 1818, continues today and is perhaps the most developed aspect of Oktoberfest.

The modern celebration has replaced the small tents with giant breweries sponsored by breweries that can accommodate up to 5,000 people each. The party has also extended to become a 16-day show that will end on the first Sunday of October. The dates of the 2010 festival are from September 18 to October 3. The Oktoberfest in Munich has sometimes been canceled in the past due to war and cholera.

The procession of costumes and riflemen takes place on the first Sunday of the festival, in which about 7,000 artists – groups with traditional costumes and historical uniforms, music bands, riflemen, thoroughbred horses and other animals, old-fashioned carriages and numerous floats – – parade through the streets of the city center of Munich showing the diversity of local, regional and national customs. The second Sunday of Oktoberfest presents a big-band outdoor concert that involves the approximately 400 musicians who understand all Oktoberfest bands.

Between events and beer shops, guests can cross the 103 acres of the Oktoberfest to ride a ferris wheel, a roller coaster or a water slide, navigate a maze, visit a haunted house, entertain with numerous types of artists, take a look At the flea circus, stop at one of the dozens of game stalls, or take a tour of the festival, among other things.

The Oktoberfesters in Munich consume more than 5 1/2 million liters of beer, about 45,000 liters of wine and almost 165,000 liters of non-alcoholic beer. The beers that Munich breweries produce especially for Oktoberfest contain 4.5 percent alcohol, and festival halls in Munich can accommodate 94,000 people.

In addition, attendees consume large amounts of food, most of which consists of traditional, abundant food. Easily available throughout the fairgrounds are Hendl, grilled whole chickens and typically sold in halves. Variations are roast duck or goose. Roasted meats, especially pork and potato meatballs are served with the traditional dish of red cabbage and apple (Blaukohl). Almost all menus include local specialties, such as roasted oxtails, grilled pork knuckles or Bavarian Weißwürste, steamed white veal sausages served with sweet mustard, sauerkraut and a pretzel or muffin. Visitors interested in seafood can try the fish on a stick (Steckerlfisch).

Smaller appetites are satisfied with the potato salad or potato soup, and even vegetarians will not go hungry, reveling in huge soft and hot pretzels, cheese plates with bread or one of the many meatless dishes served in each of the tents Typical dessert dishes include Dampfnudel, a ball of steamed honey dough served with vanilla sauce, apple strudel and Kaiserschmarrn, a sugary raisin pancake.

Concessions that sell a variety of sweet snacks are also scattered throughout the landscape. From sugar-glazed almonds (Mandeln gebrannte) to cotton candy (Zuckerwatte), from glazed fruits to ice cream, the Munich Oktoberfest has something to satisfy all sweet tooth.

An excellent way to experience the Oktoberfest is to spend a few nights enjoying the festivities and culture of Munich, then board the fabulous MS Amalegro, operated by AMA Waterways, on a 7-night river cruise from Nuremberg to Amsterdam. This is a great opportunity to visit ports of Central Europe that the largest ships cannot reach, while providing the opportunity to relax on a sunbed enjoying a 360 degree view of Europe while gliding. This river-worthy ship will dock in several riverside communities, allowing cruise ships to experience the Oktoberfest with specific festivities of the traditions of each city.

The largest Oktoberfest held outside Germany takes place every year in the twin cities of Kitchener-Waterloo in Canada, where a large German ethnic population resides. The largest event of its kind in the United States is the Oktoberfest-Cincinnati in Ohio, which has half a million visitors each year.

If you like beer (alcoholic or not) or want to participate in a memorable high-energy cultural festival, I recommend you consider Oktoberfest this year.