Crystals for the Scorpio moon sign

October 23 – November 21
Moon Crystal: smoky quartz
Intuition Crystal: Herkimer Diamond

Scorpio Moon Sign tends to be a very emotional and intense sign, but don't worry, just wear or wear your moon glass, Smoky Quartz. It will help you to leave behind all the things that no longer work in your life and will give you strength to handle those emotional and intense moments. It also helps in detoxification and releases for all levels of your being.

Smoky Quartz is also excellent for releasing negative energies that seem to get trapped in you and help you release your dark emotions. It will facilitate you to find new areas of lighting and transformation.

You are capable of tremendous personal transformation and you know and have the ability to survive almost anything. This makes him a great leader and teacher for those who face challenges in his life. It tends to be an excellent healer as you can see beneath the surface of things and this helps everyone who comes to you for your understanding.

Carry a Rutilated Quartz with you at all times, as it helps you connect with your soul and highlights all your best qualities, and allows you to rise above your challenges instead of stopping in dark places, which may be your tendency.

He has a real need for the commitments of others and if he is in an environment that does not support him, he feels very insecure. You can tend to hold on to the past, be compulsive, energetic and ask yourself in the areas of your subconscious mind, all this is natural for you and that is why you are such a good healer, teacher and leader, as you are willing to travel these paths and Be the pioneer of these ideas. Again, this is a perfect reason to use or wear a Smoky Quartz, this will keep you in balance and also help you not to get lost in your dark emotions.

Use an agate to release old emotional blockages, resentment, power struggles, abandonment and any old trauma that seems to torment you. If this seems like a constant or habitual tendency for you, use or carry this crystal with you at all times and it will release and eliminate all these tendencies that seem to be unconsciously motivating your current behavior.