Preparing for a summer of electronic music festivals

Summer is generally considered the best season for entertainment, particularly for music. Festivals for all genres are scheduled during this time and, for electronic music, this is no exception. While electronic dance music has evolved from the rave illegal parties of the 1990s to legitimate musical events (many even last two days), knowing which events to attend depends on where you are and where you are willing to travel.

A recent article in the New York Times discussed the phenomenon of technological tourism: travel to various musical events and festivals for DJs and favorite events. Although such habits and fandom are seen in many other genres, the most intense being fans of jam band music, this seems to be a recent development, or perhaps more visible, in electronic music.

In general, electronic dance music, for the average person looking from the outside to the genre, still focuses on clubs and a DJ is still someone who plays records. But, like jam band music in which guitarists can play a single one at each concert, mixing and production techniques for a good and reputable DJ will also vary with each concert. Essentially, this aspect is what drives fans to travel from concert to concert: what changes and new production will the DJ add every night?

When it comes to summer musical events, many of the most important begin in the spring and continue in the summer. Some are even scheduled just before fall begins.

In the United States, the calendar of the main summer festivals begins essentially at the end of March, the beginning of spring, with the Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music festival that closes the week-long event. The Winter Music Conference, held in Florida, covers all aspects of electronic music through workshops, round tables and performances. DJ production and scratching techniques are covered during the event. The next electronic music festival reads like a who of electronic musicians, often with one of the best DJs leading the event.

Past this point, Coachella, in California, often has many known names for instrumental electronic music and DJ added. New Order, La Roux and Depeche Mode have acted on the bill in recent years, and a separate DJ store has music programming throughout the day. In addition, the end of summer brings Electric Zoo in New York, which has been offering two days of electronic music acts from DJs to instrumental music.

England also has its share of electronic music. The summer months will have some of the biggest festivals in the country, such as Creamfields and Global Gathering. Both festivals attract some of the best DJ names before making a trip to Ibiza. But, again, many who want a holiday combined with the rhythms of their favorite DJ will make a special trip to the Balearic paradise.