The ascension process: the reason for existence

Existence is here for our growth. Of course, it could start more complicated, more realistic and more direct. But, in this case, less is more. Throughout this article, I will explain myself.

A friend of mine, yesterday hinted at me when I returned home from a place where I was, that this reality currently on earth is a simulation or not real, even things of law, debts, benefits, wealth, poverty and supposed greatness or mediocrity . . In fact, I can say that the purpose of existence is our growth and ascension, not to remain in it and be "happy" and "happy."

Of course, there are moments of happiness and satisfaction, okay, I admit it. However, life is mainly growth and ascension to the next level in everything. Without that, we genuinely fall or lose in lethargic decay anyway. Because growing genuinely is growing in power, not "staying the same" or "playing too safe." Can I say a joke like "You can't win if you don't play" without punishment? Well, anyway, nothing happens if you don't take measures like "you can't win or lose if you don't play". My point is that the best opportunities are made and taken advantage of, not provided or fortunately presented.

On the other hand, the worst liabilities are "safe things" that are "risk free" and those lethargic realities that do not work, except in a downward spiral. After all the basic space travel on a rocket begins with a great risk and ends in large arrivals of the earth. Life works in the same way to perfect us to greatness if we make it perfect to greatness by risking the genuine steps needed to grow genuinely.

Yesterday, I was complaining that the reality was too difficult, then I changed my tone when I realized, the best change is the growth, everything else leads to the fall, the "downtime" or whatever it may be called. When I say a date like "We all love to win, but who loves to train?": This, in particular, is the feeling I am feeling very deeply. When you grow up, ascension happens. When you shrink, step back or fear, you die. Before writing this paragraph section, I thought of the "Master Keys" of LW De Laurence and Charles F. Haanel for life and beyond that in what is simply real anyway. A real death begins in the mind like a dead psyche or a negatively mystical mind anyway. Renouncing genuinely is not just giving up, it is abdicating, surrendering and literally being nothing or less.

To finish in a brief but positive way: we all have the option of reducing or growing, taking risks or being safe and going nowhere. Doing and going is risky, but doing nothing is nothing. This is where I finish and let you do your own thinking and action. The master key to reality is "productive action and well executed plans anyway." Now benefit, go to a good place. Life is service to good, benefiting good anyway. What can be? That is the key to ascension and transcendence right there. Everything else is manure or less.