What to expect in a pet-friendly motel

Do you love your pet in such a way that you cannot leave it behind when you travel? You are lucky as there are many motels that allow pets. If this is the first time you travel with your pet, this is what you should expect:

Where does the dog stay

Pet-friendly motels have small cages where your pet will stay. If your dog is trained in boxes, you will find it very comfortable to live in the motel; However, if it is not, you may be anxious and have difficulty getting used to the new place. Before booking the motel, you should take a tour of the facilities and make sure it is clean, odorless and well organized.

If you do not want your pet to stay in a small cage, you must find a facility that offers exclusive accommodation. Such a facility generally has a small room with dog beds and toys that give the impression that it is still at home. If your dog has arthritis, you should make sure the room is large enough for him to walk.

Walking the dog

Most motels will allow you to walk the dog twice a day for a few minutes at a time. Before booking a motel, make sure you understand the number of times the dog is allowed to walk. If you want your dog to do more exercises, you should ask if there is a fenced area where the dog can wander a little.


While many pet-friendly motels will cook pet food, food may not be normal food for your pet. Since a change in diet can cause stress, such as diarrhea and vomiting, it is advisable to bring your own food.

You should keep in mind that many pets do not eat well when boarding; Therefore, you should always bring healthy foods that will make the motel's food tastier. To protect your dog, always inform the boarding establishment about the food your pet can and cannot eat.

When the pet gets sick

It is common for pets to get sick. The good thing is that many good motels check them regularly to make sure they are well. You should keep in mind that it is your responsibility to take care of veterinary bills in case your pet gets sick.


This is what you should expect when visiting a pet-friendly motel. To have a great experience, always do a thorough investigation and choose the best motel in the area.