History of the gigantic lakes

Mammoth Lakes' history began 200,000 years ago, before the human populated the area. There were many volcano eruptions in the Mammoth Lakes area. The last eruption took place 50 millennia ago.

The Mammoth Lakes were not populated by white people at the beginning. First were the Native American tribes: Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe tribes. Later, in the 19th century, whites began to populate the Mammoth Lakes with the California Gold Rush. At that time many halls, hotels and houses were built. The city's growth process slowed down when people discovered that Mammoth Lakes were not really full of gold.

The tourist history of Mammoth Lakes began after 1890, where the first tourists began to visit Mammoth Lakes. They came to hunt, relax, take pictures, swim, fish in the pristine natural environment. The ski part gave more importance to Mammoth Lakes. The town of Old Mammoth was born at that time.

Many people came to Mammoth Lakes from Los Angeles and the trip took about 2 days from Los Angeles. A shop, a hotel, a bakery and a post office were built to represent Mammoth Lakes. Also many camps began to open. Those people built cabins in the lake basin area.
During the winter, only a few stayed to protect the properties and they were delivered mail and supplies with dog sleds.

Mammoth Lakes got its name from the mining era, Mammoth Mining Company.

Mammoth Lakes became a municipality in 1984. The population is around 10,000, but triples on weekends. Mammoth Lakes is now one of the favorite paradises of the California mountain resort.

Mammoth Lakes measures approximately 2,500 acres. It has successful schools, universities, hospitals, different art centers and an airport.

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