Enjoy homemade tea when camping at Wright Beach

Since our last major camp in Death Valley National Park last December, we had been looking for another camp that would be closer to home as a weekend getaway, but at the same time not so close as to feel that we are camping on our own camp. courtyard. And although my husband always prefers to camp in front of the beach so that nothing prevents him from enjoying the ocean view, my once terrible experience of losing all night of the dream of the implacable wind of the sea that constantly hit our tent has made me doubt in camping in front of the beach. unless the camp has bushes around to block the wind that would guarantee me a good night's sleep.

Truly in luck

Luckily, I finally got a site at Wright & # 39; s Beach Campground to spend our last weekend of April there after revisiting the online booking site several times. This is a super popular camp in northern California that faces the Pacific Ocean directly and is about two hours by car from home (or similar hours if traveling from San Francisco). On top of that, the last weather forecast for that weekend was all sunny, with clear blue sky and temperature at comfortable 70-75 ° F (21-24 ° C), not the foggy and cold weather that we often encounter at Travel through that area. And since a few weeks ago we were forced to cancel our trip to Dune Campground Winery, about 10-15 minutes drive from the Wright & # 39; s Beach Campground, due to heavy rains that weekend, boy, this time we were very lucky. ! And our luck continued when the ranger told us upon arrival that we might consider moving from our reserved site # 22 to site # 14 whose reservation was canceled. We took it after a quick inspection of the site because # 14 was much closer to the beach.

Accommodating and relaxed

We decided to settle completely before heading to the beach. When we settled, we noticed that this was a dog camp. Several of our neighbors brought their dogs with them. There were only 22 sites in total at this camp. With shrubs that naturally divide each site and block the wind from the sea, I would consider this to be the most serene camp I have experienced. In addition, not only each of the six bathrooms near our site was very clean, well maintained, but each had its own tap, hot water and a bar soap inside the bathroom. Although the camp had no showers, we agree with that since we would camp just one night.

A few steps and we were on the beach. The beach was very clean. Apparently, our daughter was intrigued by a lot of large and intact clam shells scattered on the beach and had a lot of fun picking them up in her sand bucket. To our surprise and enjoyment, there were few people on the beach that Saturday afternoon, a rather unusual sight on the standards of California beaches, but surely a pleasant one. The sunset view was beyond words. I grew up in the island nation of Taiwan, traveled and lived in several countries in Europe, the Middle East and the United States, and I have seen many beautiful sunsets. But for this, you have to see it to believe me when I said it was beyond words. It is really divine, serene and cheerful.

Barbecue and homemade Oolong tea

Between two visits to the beach that Saturday afternoon, we had prepared grilled chicken marinated in America, dried dough, Indian tandoori and Korean barbecue sauce, respectively, as well as grilled vegetables and mushrooms. To relieve all that fat in our stomach, we had a cup of Taiwan Oolong tea that I prepared at home an hour before our trip.

Oolong tea has become a healthy and regular drink that you would bring during the camp. It is healthier compared to sugary drinks such as soda and juice; it does not require refrigeration or cooler to stay fresh, as does orange juice and yogurt; Anyone can enjoy as much as they can, day or night, without worrying about being intoxicated.

But it is difficult to resist the sugar fever even when we are in the camp. So later we prepare the sweet mint tea in the Middle East style: we pour a lot of fresh mint from homegrown in a pot of hot black tea with a couple of tablespoons of sugar, we look at the stars and enjoy the family conversation at the campfire Before calling him one night.

Whale watching with more tea

We woke up with a beautiful, sunny and warm Sunday morning. And for the first time in my life, I didn't bother wearing a jacket to avoid the cold while I was on the beach in the morning. We sat on the beach watching our daughter chasing waves and people surfing and enjoyed doing nothing but sunbathing for a few hours and drinking more Oolong iced tea. We were even lucky to see two whales, one large and one small, leaving the sea at close range. Later we learned that Wright & # 39; s Beach is a popular place to watch whales.

To make the most of this trip, we heated our chicken and grilled bread for lunch at the beach table near the daily use area and stayed until mid-afternoon, before going on the road with a completely satisfied heart.