Free travel guides for brochures: where to find the best free travel tips

Honestly, free travel brochures can be informative, inspiring and welcoming. They can also be misguided sales arguments that do more harm than good. As a travel agent, I have seen more of my fair share of travel brochures (our office receives several per day) and I decided to share with you the best there are today: Talk about a concise name for a website, huh? They provide you with a pdf file of the brochure itself, which is really good if you want to see half a dozen or so. Their brochures are professionally made, and all include recommended routes, history and a brief synopsis of the highlights along the way. An unfortunate aspect is that you must provide personal information before accessing travel brochures. If you want travel brochures for Southeast Asia, visit Travelfish, which is one of my favorite websites to travel in Asia. They provide updated brochures and travel guides to Laor, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. The equivalent of Travelfish for the United States. Simply scroll down the (incredibly long) homepage and select dozens of different brochures across the country. Nowhere else can you find such a varied selection of destinations that can be downloaded at the same time. Highly recommended.

The Man In Seat 61. This website ( is the definitive website for train travel. From California to Calcutta, they have it covered, with complete descriptions of itineraries, expected ticket prices and travel times.

Use these free brochure travel guides as a way to get a deeper understanding of your trip before your departure.