While many Bitcoin (BTC) advocates hope that despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the problems in traditional financial markets – or precisely because of them – BTC will improve, this may not happen without the active intervention of cryptocurrency itself.

“In addition to the unique features of BTC, the industry needs strong stories, marketing and user experience to help people understand the reasons why this is a compelling investment opportunity and eventually buy a few bitcoins!” This was reported to Cryptonews.com by Zack Prince, BlockFi, the main founder of the US-based cryptocurrency launch company.
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He said as long as there is no better option for the US dollar, it will continue to benefit from its global reserve status.

At the same time, “for Bitcoin-fixed delivery assets, large-scale attempts to print money in Pitt currency should lead to higher prices,” the prince said. “For crypto, we will continue to generate revenue from both retail and institutional investors, driven by the acquisition of leading platforms by new customers.”

A recent survey found that senior retailers believe that larger retailers are going to take the crypto crisis and their preferred trading pair is BTC / USD. Also, the major chat operator line simply sent another receipt stating that 62% of its Bitmax crypto trading platform users are using the new cryptocurrency.


Soul of the Mediterranean culture in Roman times found in the ruins of Hippo Regius in Algeria


Algeria is home to 36 million people, but occupies almost one million square miles, by far the largest nation in all of Africa, four times the size of Texas. It is a sparsely populated country, especially outside the main cities. Many Algerians are concentrated in large urban areas such as Algiers, which has a population close to four million.
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So Algeria is primarily a land of vast deserts, a Sahara nation that offers views from cities, large tracts of land with few people but lots of sky. The coast is wonderfully fertile and well watered, a magnificent country that was once the barn of ancient Rome.
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In many ways, it has the characteristics that would be instantly familiar to Californians who cultivate that fertile state: a plain towards the sea that leads inland to a wall of mountains that tend to keep the plain well retained by blocking ocean moisture so that Don’t travel over the mountains. . This is the same geo-climatological configuration along the southern Mediterranean coast and the California coast.
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The great Christian philosopher Saint Augustine was bishop of Hippo Regius, an ancient city whose modern name is Annaba, Algeria. The ruins of Hippo Regius bring me back year after year, decade after decade. I feel, somehow, that the soul of the Mediterranean is hidden among these ancient blocks of stone.
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They remember Rome when it entered the Christian era and they are among the best in all of North Africa, so it deserves a special trip. We can see why this land settled three thousand years ago with rich and undulating mounds covered with flowers, olive groves, rosemary beds, the home of the shepherds and their flocks, whose days are animated with the singing of birds.
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At the height of its activity a couple of millennia ago, the city of Hippo was considered part of Roman Africa, a kind of vassal of the great city of Carthage in present-day Tunisia. Today, Hippo Regius is part of Algeria, although not far from the border with Tunisia. St. Augustine was ordained a priest there in 391. He became bishop coadjutor in 395, then bishop a few years later, a position he held for almost three decades until his death in 430.
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The best way to see the ancient city is to approach it from the seafront, which today has moved a thousand feet away from where it used to be when the Romans stepped on these beaches and roads.
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Walk from the Mediterranean Sea down the small hill to the well-preserved Hippo Museum before touring the ruins, as the exhibits there will help put what you see in the right context, an investment worth doing. For example, the ground floor contains a good collection of sculptures in the Salle des Bustes , including a statute of Emperor Vespasian that was found in the forum. A special gift for me is a very strange armor, almost seven feet high, covered with a red cloak like blood. On the wall there is a meticulously detailed mosaic of four sea nymphs or water spirits.
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There is another collection of fine mosaics in the next room, my favorite is a hunting game from the time of St. Augustine in which lions, leopards and antelopes are chased in a trap.
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We easily forget that in those days the lions were not limited to Kenya and East Africa. They were common as far north as Hippo Regius. It was only the Mediterranean Sea that prevented the lions from wandering around Sicily and Italy. A third mosaic scene, this one of fishermen bringing home their catch, includes what I consider equivalent to an old postcard that shows Hippo Regius as it should have appeared two thousand years ago.
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The ruins of the ancient city occupy many acres of land. You will see that the best houses and the best residential area of ​​the city, in those days as in a modern city, were right on the ocean, where the sea breeze swept its open courtyards. What remains of half a dozen Roman villas of the well-to-do is evident here, their courtyards are marked by columns, some of the walls and floors still visible.
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Two houses especially worth seeing are the Villa del Laberinto and the Villa del Procurador, which I consider to be the most impressive examples of how the rich organized their private homes. Beyond these oceanfront villas, if you continue passing the southern baths where you will reach the edge of the Christian neighborhood and the 150-foot contour of the great basilica of the early Christian period where Augustine probably occupied the court as a bishop. The mosaics on the floor are quite beautiful.
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No modern visitor from Algeria should miss the opportunity to visit Hippo Regius and pay tribute to this vision of the past.



Death Valley in bloom


While Death Valley blatantly exposes its geology, it is shy in revealing its flora, both thanks to its average of 2 inches (5 cm) of rain per year. Death Valley is a land of extremes. In December, the air temperature can be 85 degrees F (29 degrees C) in Badwater, which is about 280 feet (85 meters) below sea level. And yet, 20 miles (32 km) away, Telescope Peak, 11,049 feet (3368 meters) above sea level: the highest point in the park can be hit by a snowstorm. In fact, Death Valley is the lowest, hottest and other places in North America.
Despite this dryness, this park is home to 1,000 species of plants, including 23 species that grow nowhere else. A couple of factors work in favor of Death Valley with respect to plant diversity. First is its wide range of elevations, which makes it attractive for a wide range of plant types.
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That change in elevation from Badwater to Telescope Peak is twice the change in elevation of the Grand Canyon. The other factor is that the park is so big. With 3.3 million acres (approximately 1.3 million hectares), it is 1-½ times the size of the state of Delaware.
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The typically dry environment of Death Valley is a product of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west. When storms arrive from the Pacific through California, they generally travel from west to east. These mountains west of Death Valley squeeze most of the moisture from the clouds. After the storms pass through the Mount Whitney area, the western slopes of the Panamint Mountains squeeze even more moisture. On the east side of the Panamint Mountains, where Death Valley is located, the now dry air warms as it descends into Death Valley. This heating causes any moisture that reaches the ground to evaporate quickly and adds to the high temperatures of the Valley. Some estimates have an annual Death Valley evaporation rate of around 150 inches (381 cm), which means that a lake approximately 12 feet (3.7 meters) deep would dry in a year.
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Like the rest of California, Death Valley has a distinct winter rainy season and a dry summer season. This is known as the Mediterranean climate (similar to southern Italy, Greece and Spain, and the North African coast). And how rainy the winters of California can be deeply affected by a phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean called El Niño. This is when a large portion of the ocean is warmer than average, which leads to a higher than normal evaporation and, in turn, to a higher than normal rainfall in California. While that can cause flooding and landslides, it can also lead to spectacular displays of wildflowers in the Death Valley that park rangers call “superbloom.”

Historically, the winter of 1998 brought 5 inches (12.5 cm) of rain to Death Valley, which generally receives about 2 inches (5 cm) of rain in a year. Wild flowers that do not bloom every year appeared and the most typical were particularly profuse. It became known as the “flourishing of the century” and became national television news. Death Valley had many more visitors that year than usual. In fact, the 1999 calendar year has the highest record of Death Valley visits with more than 1.2 million.

How good a flowering season will be depends not only on the amount of moisture that the rainy season brings, but also on how nature distributes that moisture. The 1998 season was excellent, not only because it rained more, but also because the rain spread over time. The other determining factors for a good flowering season are sufficiently hot temperatures, but not too hot, and the lack of dry winds.

When you go, make your first stop at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center, along State Route 190, where you can ask the rangers how well and where the wild flowers bloom. Since the visitor center is close to half of this huge park, you probably already have a good idea for when you arrive. The visitor center offers several field guides to help you identify desert wildflowers. A garden full of native vegetation in the front can help you see what flowers are blooming and how they look before embarking on your own search.

You can also learn how plants have adapted to this hostile environment. First, most species are annual, or more specifically, ephemeral ephemeral. They escape the dryness of Death Valley only when they grow and bloom when there is enough moisture available. They spend the rest of the year as seeds, until the humidity returns.

Second, the common creosote bush illustrates another desert adaptation. Less smaller leaves grow that have less surface area to lose moisture, but then cover the leaves you have with a waxy substance to further reduce moisture loss.

The cactus shows a third adaptation to desiccation, whose leaves have become thorns to deflect the sun’s rays and the mouths of thirsty and marauding animals. Photosynthesis takes place in the pads of a cactus, not in its “leaves.”

Furnace Creek Village would be a good base camp for your explorations. For motorhome travelers, connections are available here, as well as at Panamint Springs, a private hotel complex on the western edge of the park, and at Stovepipe Wells Village, a more centrally located motel complex north of Furnace Creek.

The flowering season in Death Valley begins at the lowest elevations at the southern end of the park. It begins in mid-February and continues until mid-April. The lowest elevations are the salt flats of the Badwater Basin, which was filled by Lake Manly 650 feet (198 meters) deep during the last Ice Age, but a warmer climate dried it. Salinas do not admit plants, but the adjacent valley floor and alluvial fans do. Alluvial fans are triangular deposits that wash from canyons and accumulate for eons. They are the desert version of a river delta.

The best areas to see this early flowering are near the visitor center along State Route 190 around the Furnace Creek Inn; in Jubilee Pass on State Route 178 at the southern end of the park; and on Daylight Pass, along State Route 374 that connects with Beatty, Nevada. Drive south from Furnace Creek on State Route 178, observing the color between the alluvial fans on your left and in the valley on your right. For a year of El Niño, fans both north and south of Furnace Creek turn a distinctive yellow of desert sunflower flowers (scientific name Gerea canescens ) Growing with desert sunflowers in alluvial fans is an interesting whitish flower commonly called gravel ghost ( Atrichoseris platyphylla ), although our field guides gave it the pedestrian name of tobacco grass. Its common name comes from the fact that its hirsute stems can give these flowers a disembodied appearance while floating on gravel.

Perhaps the most popular desert flower of all in Death Valley is the Desert Five-Spot. Its pinkish-purple petals form a balloon around a source of stamens. Each petal has a burgundy stain inside. We found them throughout Artist & # 39; s Drive, just south of Golden Canyon, and at the southern end of the park at the ruins of Ashford Mill and Jubilee Pass.

Don’t miss the other attractions near Furnace Creek. At the Borax Museum, learn about the history of the mineral for which Death Valley is most famous. The museum focuses on borax underground mining. It also contains exhibits of the famous teams of 20 mules that took borax from Death Valley. To get to know that time, visit the ruins of Harmony Borax Works, just north of the Furnace Creek camp. When you are ready to return to the main road, be sure to exit through Mustard Canyon, a one-way trip on small hills of yellow minerals.

From the beginning of April to the beginning of May, flowering progresses north and upward from 2,000 to 4,000 feet. The Mesquite Springs camp can be your base of operations at the northern end of Death Valley.

A pleasant walk at any time, especially when flowers bloom, is around the Ubehebe crater. The crater measures 490 feet deep (159 meters) and 2,400 feet (732 meters) in diameter. It was created by a tremendous explosion of steam heated by magma that dispersed debris for miles around. You can walk to the bottom of the crater along a path that basically goes down. A trail west of the parking lot leads around the crater and nearby smaller craters. We found a good variety of flowers, including the golden desert poppy, and some especially good specimens of desert trumpet. This member of the buckwheat family has an inflated upper stem, hence its scientific name, Eriogonum inflatum .

From a purely floral perspective, the most impressive sight we saw during our visit was at Scotty Castle, at a height of 3,000 feet (914 meters). The unfinished pool in front of this mansion was carpeted with golden evening primrose.

Scotty’s castle is named after Walter Scott, better known as Death Valley Scotty. He was a seeker and show pilot of the Wild West who spread rumors of a gold mine in Death Valley. He managed to interest Albert M. Johnson, a Chicago millionaire, to invest in his claim. When Johnson came to see the mythical mine, the dry air of the valley improved his respiratory ailment, and decided that he liked the area, gold mine or not.

Scott and Johnson became friends. Beginning in the late 1920s at the suggestion of Johnson’s wife, who also visited the area, they built a shelter in Grapevine Canyon called Death Valley Ranch. They chose the location due to the abundant spring water available there. The mansion cost more than $ 2 million but was never completed. The Park Service offers life history tours scheduled regularly throughout the home. Scotty Castle was flooded by a flash flood in 2015 and will not be open to the public until 2019.

The end of April at the beginning of June marks the last flowering period of Death Valley. These flowers can be found in areas of more than 4,000 feet (1219 meters), in the Panamint Mountains, the highest places in the park. At this time of the year, the weather is more comfortable in the mountains anyway, since valley temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius), and average 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 Celsius) in summer.

Those in a four-wheel drive vehicle with ground clearance can extend their search for wildflowers to the many Death Valley crossing roads. Echo Canyon, from State Route 190 two miles southeast of Furnace Creek, and Cottonwood-Marble Canyon Road, which starts next to Stovepipe Wells, offer especially good wildflower displays early in the season. Greenwater Valley Road is a fun crossing road that is almost 30 miles (49 km) long; It connects the Dante vision area with State Route 178 near the Salsberry Pass.

Death Valley has five dunes within its limits. Take the road at the north end to Eureka Dunes to have the opportunity to see the highest sand dunes in the state and the second highest in North America. The dunes also house several unusual species of plants, including evening primrose Eureka Dunes. The most famous and visited dunes of Death Valley, since they are right next to the road and Stovepipe Wells, are the sand dunes of Mesquite Flats, often called the dunes of Death Valley. These dunes were used in the opening sequence of the old television series “Kung Fu,” starring David Carradine.

While it is true that any above-average rainy season can bring its share of problems, it surely brings its share of blessings in the form of a profusion of wild flowers. Seeing the normally scarce wild flowers of Death Valley that bloom between rocks and mineral deposits is special every year, but seeing it during a superbloom is very special. Be sure to check the alluvial fans and canyons, and head to the mountains. You will be rewarded with a colorful desert in bloom: the yellow of the sunflowers of the desert, the gold of the desert and the golden poppies; the white of the gravel ghosts and the spiny poppy; the red of the California hedgehog and fuchsia cactus; and the purple of phacelia and desert of five points.


Long distance dating: romantic or frantic?


Sounds like something from a fairy tale. She is in Los Angeles: he is in
New York. They met through an online dating service, they started with e-
mail, they went to the phone chat and now they are sure they are in love.
The only problem is that they have never met in person.

But both can say that it is real. It must be love, how else could
the conversations they have on the phone are so intimate and make them feel so
near? Sure, it will be difficult and expensive to get together, but hey, this
It's true love! And of course, if they are going to be together, that means one of them
You have to give up your whole lifestyle: family, friends, work, etc., and
move thousands of miles away just to be with each other.

If you've never been to one of these long distance romances, you could
I wonder why in the world someone would try to start an affair with
Someone who lives so far. Ask any pop psychologist and they
Telling you that it is a perfect setting for people who are afraid of commitment.
The long distance lover gives you a place to focus all your romance
fantasies of having the perfect person to love, without any of the
realities that cushion romance, such as discovering that they scream and throw
things when they are angry, or hate being close to your friends, or that they
I see nothing wrong with a drink or two before noon.

When you just broke up with someone or when you've been
in an endless roundabout of dates that do not reach anywhere or when it is
It's been months and months since you met someone to date, you can
Become vulnerable to the appeal of long-distance romance. I can seem
very stubborn on this subject, but that's because I'm trying to save
You from the anguish of another relationship that went wrong.

Let's clarify one thing: this is dedicated to people who want a
Love relationship would be, long-term, committed, monogamous. If only
You want to play, so you can find exciting and fun long distance dating.
But if you want to find the right kind of partner and develop a true love
relationship, you go a dead end if you get involved
With someone who is far away.

What is too far?

What is "too far"? It actually has more to do with time than with
actual distance in miles. In my experience, I would say that if needed
more than an hour's journey for you two to meet, that's too far
far. I tried with several good perspectives that I met by going online that
he lived more than an hour away and it was too difficult for us to meet
on any type of regular basis. Sometimes two or three weeks passed
before we could adjust our schedules well enough to see each

Believe me, all you need is a few 90-minute tours that make you nervous
Southern California traffic to take away your budding romance.
And that is if they are only 60 or 70 miles away. Like a relationship
Develop wishes to spend more and more time with the person. Your
can withstand travel time at the beginning when everything is new and
exciting, but ages quite quickly.

So now you should know what will come next. If i'm telling you 60 miles
it's too far, what do I think about hundreds or thousands of miles? That's
relationship roulette – and the house always wins! Okay, I know you have
I heard stories about one of these long distance deals that worked.
They flew across the country to see each other, it was instant chemistry
and they married and lived happily ever after. What are the possibilities
what's going to happen that way for you? Pretty close to zero. (I bet that
a lovely couple in history is no longer together a year or two later).

The one hour rule

So here is the conclusion: long distance dating is MUTE! Don't do it if
You want a true love relationship with a real person. Make up your mind
right now to put the one hour rule into effect. Many people
which are a good combination for you within an hour of your home (except
maybe if you live inside Australia or the Alaskan desert). We
everyone has more than one soulmate on the planet

I used to live at 6,500 feet in a small mountain town of 6,000 people
where I couldn't find any man I wanted to date. So I put on the net and
He did a search for men within 40 miles and dozens of profiles appeared.
One of them was my future husband, who lived right at the bottom of the
Montana. There it was, but how could I have known him without him
online dating service?

It took us between 45 and 50 minutes to drive to the homes of others, and
by the time we had been dating for 6 months or so, we were very tired of
All driving But that was enough to determine what we wanted
Commit, move together and eventually get married.

You should want an excellent relationship or long-term marriage if you have read
so far. So develop a solid resolution like a rock deep in your heart that will
don't be tempted to start a long distance online flirting with anyone,
no matter how beautiful your photo is or how perfect it looks on your
profile. It is a completely useless search and will NOT take you to your goal.

The best thing you can do is clearly indicate your "No long distance appointments"
preference directly on your profile and then stick to your weapons.
Some fools who live four states away will still try to contact you and
You can simply ignore your message or send a blank reply with NO LONG
You want to give them the courtesy of an answer.

Advanced search options

The best dating services have advanced search options that allow you
Choose a geographical category according to the zip code or the number of
miles You know what the average travel times in your home area will be
and you can find out what zip codes or how many miles will keep you in
the category of less than an hour.

When conducting your own searches, restrict them to people from 20 to 30
minutes away Most people will find many perspectives in a nearby neighborhood
Geographic area. If you are not lucky, expand your search
criteria at 45 minutes or 60 minutes maximum.

There may be times when you feel lonely and bored, when
I haven't met anyone really interesting in a long time. That is the moment
When your resolution will be tested. You'll start thinking "Oh, well … here's a
Message from someone who is only 3 hours away. Maybe just verify
out of your profile. "This is a dangerous thought that could well put you
On the road to disaster. Remember that while you are playing
with the wrong person, is not available for the right person when
they appear.

So now you're thinking: "Boy, this woman is tough on us, poor singles!" Yes,
I'm being hard here for a good reason. People like you and me who
valuing and appreciating the idea of ​​having a great marriage has to be difficult
enough to say NO to situations that have little or no chance of producing
the long term relationship we want

I'm glad to have instituted the one hour rule for me and to follow it, no
matter what. That's why I could find my big boy living nearby
Enough so we can really get to know each other. And that is why that
Great boy and I are happily married today. I sincerely want the same to
you! The one hour rule will help you get there faster.


Crystals for the Scorpio moon sign


October 23 – November 21
Moon Crystal: smoky quartz
Intuition Crystal: Herkimer Diamond

Scorpio Moon Sign tends to be a very emotional and intense sign, but don't worry, just wear or wear your moon glass, Smoky Quartz. It will help you to leave behind all the things that no longer work in your life and will give you strength to handle those emotional and intense moments. It also helps in detoxification and releases for all levels of your being.

Smoky Quartz is also excellent for releasing negative energies that seem to get trapped in you and help you release your dark emotions. It will facilitate you to find new areas of lighting and transformation.

You are capable of tremendous personal transformation and you know and have the ability to survive almost anything. This makes him a great leader and teacher for those who face challenges in his life. It tends to be an excellent healer as you can see beneath the surface of things and this helps everyone who comes to you for your understanding.

Carry a Rutilated Quartz with you at all times, as it helps you connect with your soul and highlights all your best qualities, and allows you to rise above your challenges instead of stopping in dark places, which may be your tendency.

He has a real need for the commitments of others and if he is in an environment that does not support him, he feels very insecure. You can tend to hold on to the past, be compulsive, energetic and ask yourself in the areas of your subconscious mind, all this is natural for you and that is why you are such a good healer, teacher and leader, as you are willing to travel these paths and Be the pioneer of these ideas. Again, this is a perfect reason to use or wear a Smoky Quartz, this will keep you in balance and also help you not to get lost in your dark emotions.

Use an agate to release old emotional blockages, resentment, power struggles, abandonment and any old trauma that seems to torment you. If this seems like a constant or habitual tendency for you, use or carry this crystal with you at all times and it will release and eliminate all these tendencies that seem to be unconsciously motivating your current behavior.


Well-being: are you in balance?


Well-being is defined as the quality or state of health in the body and mind, especially as a result of a deliberate effort, and it is a mentality that we believe has leaked into the life of the global person every day, emerging as a lifestyle that continues to develop momentum as we move towards the 21st century.

To really understand why our great company adapts to changing times, it must deepen its basic principles and fundamentals, all based on well-being.

As I read these eight dimensions of Wellness, ask yourself the question: "How many of these fit well and which ones do I need to address more as I go along?"

What is wellness?

Well-being is the realization of our true potential to live a healthier, happier and more successful and balanced existence.

Well-being is a proactive life process that uses awareness and decisions towards a healthy, satisfying and balanced lifestyle.

Well-being, which has become the new "gold", is now a status symbol among consumers, who prioritize keeping their physical and mental health balanced. We are experiencing a phenomenon in which health is infiltrating all aspects of the consumer's lifestyle and experience.

There are several common threads that stand out in the various definitions of well-being. Well-being is multidimensional, holistic, changes over time and along a continuum, and is driven by the individual, but also influenced by the environment and the community. The multimillion-dollar global industry, the Health and Welfare market space, is dominated primarily by sales of beauty and anti-aging products to $ 679 billion, followed by physical exercise and mental + body exercise ($ 390 billion) and healthy eating , nutrition and weight loss of sales ($ 277 billion).

In the United States alone, women invest $ 125 billion for their nutritional needs, $ 40 billion for alternative medicine and $ 25 billion for over-the-counter medications.

This powerful message is reinforced by the welfare trend that has been growing worldwide since the 1980s.

Study of the Global Wellness Institute: the global welfare market of $ 3.4 billion is now three times larger than the global pharmaceutical industry

With consumers' demand for wellness services and products higher than ever, a historical study published by The Global Wellness Institute reveals that the global wellness market is now worth $ 3.4 billion, which makes it almost three times larger than the $ 1 billion global pharmaceutical industry.

The article that appears here follows a template established from a publication at the University of California, Davis, which clearly states that "wellness" is much more than our physical well-being. In fact, well-being has eight dimensions, like an octagon, and physical health is only one of them.

Be proud of your participation and participation, and read these eight areas of well-being to really understand why this trend continues to boom. Make sure you measure well and work on those who are obviously not where you want them to be.

Physical well-being

Physical well-being implies aspects of your life that are necessary to stay in the best conditions. Optimal physical well-being is developed by combining beneficial physical activity / exercise and healthy eating habits. The elementary components of physical well-being include the building of strength and muscular endurance, cardiovascular strength and endurance and flexibility.

We will start here, since the average person associates well-being with their own body. Physical well-being is related to the maintenance of a healthy mind and body, seeking professional attention when and if necessary. Physical health is achieved through mental fitness, exercise, good nutrition, getting enough sleep and paying attention to signs of illness and getting help when necessary. We live inside our skin and we have a first hand association with what is happening inside our body, because of the feelings and signs that our body exhibits. By listening to the signs radiated by the body, we can make adjustments when necessary.

The welfare approach would be to take preventive measures to optimize the performance of our immune system, minimize exposure to toxins, identify allergies, eat mainly natural and organic foods, drink plenty of clean water, maintain a healthy percentage of body fat and lean muscle mass, while developing and maintaining strength and flexibility.

While you may think you are healthy, it is completely possible to get used to feeling as much as you feel, that you do not realize how much better you could feel, if the right steps are taken.

Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being is related to the understanding of your feelings and the effective management of stress. It is vitally important to pay attention to self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of internal resources so that you can learn and grow from life's experiences.

Being emotionally well is more than just managing stress. It also means being attentive to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, whether positive or negative. Emotional well-being implies the ability to be aware and accept our feelings, instead of denying them, having an optimistic approach to life and enjoying life despite their occasional disappointments and frustrations.

If you are a person involved in the emotional wellbeing process, you are willing and able to:

• Reach personal choices and decisions based on the synthesis of feelings, thoughts, philosophies and behaviors.
• Live and work independently while you realize the importance of seeking and appreciating the support and assistance of others.
• Form interdependent relationships with others based on mutual commitment, trust and respect.
• Take on challenges, take risks and recognize conflicts as potentially healthy.
• Manage your life in a personally rewarding way and taking responsibility for your actions.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual well-being implies having an open mind when you encounter new ideas and continue to expand your knowledge. Encourages active participation in school, cultural and community activities. The mental dimension of well-being includes developing a healthy personal philosophy, maintaining a learning ability and establishing a useful knowledge base.

To evaluate and improve our mental health and happiness, we can simply measure our number of happy and satisfied days compared to sad, depressed or dissatisfied days. We can also determine if we have developed good coping skills or not. For example, it has been shown that it is possible to be happy most days. Do you have the model?

The greatest advances towards mental well-being come from learning and maintaining the basic fundamentals of nutrition, good habits of positive and healthy thinking and a healthy personal philosophy. Healthy and unhealthy habits and our personal philosophies are learned behaviors and drastically affect the course and quality of our lives.

Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual well-being allows you to develop a set of values ​​that help you find meaning and purpose. Spirituality can be represented in many ways, for example, through relaxation or religion. But being spiritually well means knowing what resources to use to deal with the problems that arise in everyday life.

Spiritual well-being is a personal matter that involves values ​​and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. While different individuals may have different points of view about what spiritism is, it is generally considered to be the search for meaning and purpose in human existence, which leads one to fight for a state of harmony with oneself and with others while working to balance internal needs with the rest of the world.

The spiritual dimension of well-being includes becoming aware of the purpose of our life, developing our innate gifts and using our talents in a positive way and getting in touch with our spirituality. Operating "on purpose" and using our talents can be spiritually stimulating and tremendously positive compared to surviving, pleasing others or surviving.

Getting in touch with our spirituality can imply a greater sense of consciousness, more presence, feelings of being connected and taking the time to do relaxing things for the soul. Our spirituality can also be expressed as connected with a universal superior power that we cannot fully explain.

Social welfare

The social dimension of well-being includes the careful creation and maintenance of healthy and positive relationships, our contribution and participation in the community, and our impact on our environment or the environment in general.

Social welfare helps you perform social roles effectively and comfortably, and creates a support network. This dimension of well-being allows you not only to develop encouraging relationships with your partners, but also intimate relationships with romantic partners.

The social dimension of well-being encourages the contribution to the human and physical environment of a person for the common welfare of the community. Social welfare emphasizes interdependence with others and nature. It includes the search for harmony in one's family. & # 39; As you walk a path of well-being, you will become more aware of its importance in society, as well as the impact it has on nature and its community. He will actively participate in the improvement of our world by promoting a healthy living environment and initiating better communication with those around him.

The quality of our relationships with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers can have a dramatic effect on our well-being. We all face daily decisions about which relationships to foster, invest and grow and which to minimize, avoid or end. As we cannot control others, we can only make investments in the best relationships and be strong to avoid the needy and destructive that harm our well-being.

Occupational well-being

Occupational Welfare is about enjoying your occupational efforts and appreciating your contributions. This dimension of well-being encourages personal satisfaction and enrichment in one's life through work.

Occupational Welfare is the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure time, addressing work stress and building relationships with coworkers. It focuses on our search for a call and involves exploring various career options and finding where it fits.

Because what we do to live encompasses much of our time, it is important for our general well-being to do what we love and love what we do. When people do what they should do, they deepen their sense of meaning and purpose.

The occupational dimension of well-being recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment in life through work. At the center of occupational well-being is the premise that occupational development is related to one's attitude towards one's work. Traveling on a path to your occupational well-being, you will contribute your unique gifts, skills and talents to work that are personally meaningful and rewarding. It will transmit your values ​​through your participation in activities that are rewarding for you. The choice of profession, job satisfaction, professional ambitions and personal performance are important components of the terrain of your path.

Financial well-being

Financial well-being involves the process of learning to manage financial expenses successfully. Money plays a fundamental role in our lives and not having enough affects health and academic performance. It has been repeatedly found that financial stress is a common source of stress, anxiety and fear for college students.

Financial well-being is an intricate balance of the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of money. This unique combination is ideal to strive in our dealings with money.

Financial well-being is to understand your financial situation and take care of it so that you are prepared for financial changes. Maintaining that balance consists in feeling comfortable with the origin and destiny of your money.

Environmental well-being

Environmental well-being encourages you to respect the delicate balance between the environment and yourself. Respect for other living beings in our environment is as necessary as respect for the physical environment itself.

We may not think much about environmental well-being as part of a general welfare plan, but our environment and how we feel about it can have a big impact on the way we feel in general.

Environmental well-being includes trying to live in harmony with the Earth by understanding the impact of its interaction with nature and its personal environment, and taking measures to protect the world around it. Protecting yourself from environmental hazards and minimizing the negative impact of your behavior on the environment are also central elements.

Leading a lifestyle that respects the environment and minimizes any damage done to it is a fundamental part of environmental well-being. Examples of environmental threats include air pollution, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, chemicals, noise, water pollution and secondhand smoke.


Survey 850 KOA "Bumper2Bumper"


In August of this year, a local radio station, 850 KOA, conducted the "Bumper2Bumper" survey that asked Colorado taxpayers what they thought about their daily commuting. The survey covered all aspects of driving:

Time spent in traffic
Road conditions
Number of miles commuted daily
Phone use while driving
Substance use while driving
And of course … Public transport

I imagine that no matter where you live, there will always be complaints about moving around the city. Californians certainly fear driving through Los Angeles traffic! I can't tell you how many times my driving friends talk about how people don't know how to drive in the snow. Both arguments make me sigh in relief, I don't have to endure that crap.

There were three aspects of the survey where people overwhelmingly agreed with each other. The first is about driving to the mountains. According to 850 KOA, "84% say they have avoided using I-70 in the mountains on weekends due to traffic problems." 84% is huge! Another huge amount said that the roads needed some love and care. Winter definitely overcomes the roads that do not make it easier to reach a fun place, such as the mountains.

When I moved here from California, I expected to do a lot of snowboarding. Every winter, until I moved here, my family and I went to Big Bear, sometimes Mammoth, to spend a fun day skiing. We always went to the mountains as a family, so not being able to drive was never a problem. The beautiful mountains here in Colorado were one of the main motivations for choosing CU Boulder for college. I thought I would meet many people who enjoyed skiing and would go snowboarding every weekend.

The bedroom where I lived in the first year was full of introverts like me. After a month at school, the women in my apartment finally opened their doors and I met some of them. No one skied or was interested in learning how to do it. I decided to venture out and find a group of people who would be interested in going to the mountains to spend a fun day skiing. I found some people, but there were some strong arguments not to go to the mountains every weekend.

First, it is the first year! No one has a car on campus! To get to where the good snow is, you need one. Second, when I finally met people who liked to climb the mountains, they liked to miss school on Friday to beat the traffic there. I was Miss Goodie Two Shoes and I never wanted to miss class, so I missed my trip there.

I was quite discouraged by all that. The traffic to get to Big Bear was also a pain, so I could see the reasoning behind the complaints about i70. It seemed that if you make the trip there, you mind doing a weekend and finding a place to stay. Broke, college students can't afford a cabin for the weekend. I realized that getting to the mountains for a day was harder than I had anticipated before moving to Colorado.

Speaking of missing a trip to the mountains, the survey also said that "traffic is affecting our quality of life in Colorado: 44% say that an important event was lost due to traffic." Skiing is not as important as a business meeting or taking a flight outside of the day, but it is something I enjoy. Unfortunately, my circle of support that helps me with the rides doesn't want anything to do with the i70 on weekends during the ski season. Even in summer, traffic can be bad with weekend campers.

If skiers and guests don't want to deal with i70, RTD has a bus that goes to Eldora, a local resort 20 miles from Boulder. But there is literally that one bus that leaves only downtown Boulder. Eldora is a great mountain, I went on a ski trip with the Alumni Association. However, it is very similar to Big Bear. There are no local RTD bus routes to reach the big resorts; Breckenridge, Aspen, Arapahoe Basin, etc.

There is a private transportation company, Colorado Mountain Express, that can take you to these important tourist centers. The ferry picks up at DIA, the downtown convention center, or mid-mountain on I70 at Wooly Mammoth Park-n-Ride. Trips to these resorts can cost between $ 39 and $ 49. But get this! According to the survey, "82% said they never used public transport. A little more than 3% said they used transport once a week or more. More than 2% used transport every day."

There you go, Colorado is full of complainers! It's a joke. If we are working together to create less traffic, less pollution and better roads, public transportation needs some face lift. Instead of personally fighting the traffic of the i70 from a car, taking a comfortable bus to the mountains would definitely motivate more people to use the i70, get up early and spend all day skiing exhausting! If I am always the passenger and never the driver, I must say that it feels pretty good to take a little nap on the trip back home.

I guess the point I'm trying to make goes back to the old saying: "You can't always have your cake and eat it too." Having a car is much easier than trying to discover bus routes. But it could be the same reason why you can miss an event or choose to miss an event due to traffic and bad road conditions. The bus is available, the survey has just confirmed that nobody uses it.


From a church bell to a lighthouse (Point Wilson)


On June 20, 1878, Congress allocated $ 8,000 for a light and fog signal, but only the fog signal was built, since the money was not enough for both. On March 3, 1879, an additional $ 12,000 was allocated for the station. On September 1, 1879, a twelve-inch steam whistle was put into operation that was installed inside a signal building that emitted an explosion of eight seconds every minute.

In 1879 a lighthouse was built at a cost of $ 923 and a lens was installed that had been used in Point Bonita, California.

The lighthouse was a twelve-square-foot tower that rose forty-six feet from the roof of a two-story house. Fixed white light could be seen for up to thirteen miles. The sailors greatly appreciated the new sign of light and fog and expressed their feelings on December 15, 1879.

In 1894, the light changed from a fixed target to a fixed target with a red flash every twenty seconds. That same year a house of galvanized iron oil was built on the grounds of the lighthouse.

The first archer was David M. Littlefield, local resident and war veteran. He kept the lighthouse for a salary of $ 800 a year for four years until he returned to Port Townsend and served as city councilman and customs collector.

Believe it or not, there was often a shortage of water at the point. This is because Port Townsend is in a rain shadow behind the Olympic mountains and receives very little rain in the summer months. Water was needed to run the steam whistle. It was collected in cement sheds and stored in a brick cistern.

On September 29, 1989, the Umatilla steamboat departed from Victoria, British Columbia, towards Puget Sound. There was a dense fog and the signal at Point Wilson did not work due to lack of water. The 310-foot-long ship sailed by blowing its whistle often and listening to echoes to judge the distance to the ground. About a mile west of Point Wilson they hit rocks. Captain JC Hunter was able to float the steamboat again and decided to go to Port Townsend. But the impact had made a hole in the hull and the water began to flood. Captain Hunter, realizing the danger he was in, deliberately ran aground the ship a few hundred meters from Point Wilson Lighthouse. To keep the ship in place, he lowered the bow anchors. All passengers were unloaded safely, but the boat was damaged for around $ 100,000. Captain Hunter and his pilot were cited for "overconfidence."

In 1917, during World War I, all the lighthouse keepers were urged to raise their own vegetables in anticipation of food shortages. The lighthouse keeper William Thomas agreed and after the harvest he sent the following letter to the lighthouse inspector.

"Sir: I have sent you today a sample of some of the vegetables I grew at the station here. Peas, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, garlic and squash work well, but tomatoes, cabbage and the turnips are a failure; beans quite well after planting four times; having 4 gallons of salted beans and 2 canned gallons. The yield was good, but of course small amount, since space was limited. Onions and lettuce early they were splendid; he gave Heather (the tender lighthouse) some for his mess. "

Guardian Thomas received praise for his efforts in gardening. A photograph showing a potato, parsnip, carrot and garlic bulb that was harvested from the sandy soil is shown in the National Archives.

It was April 1, 1921, during the doorman Thomas & # 39; He remained a guardian, who heard a terrible noise and knew it was a problem. He called Port Townsend to ask for help.

The noise he had heard was that of the loaded passenger ship, the governor of the Admiralty line, crashing into the West Hartland freighter. The 417-foot passenger ship was headed to Seattle from Victoria. He was hit by the freighter while surrounding Port Townsend.

During World War II, the light at Point Wilson was extinguished to protect Fort Worden and the entrance to Puget Sound.

The subsequent accident reports concluded that the governor's pilot did not give up the right of way because he thought the freighter's running lights were the fixed lights of Marrowstone Point. The collision tore a three-meter wound in the governor's helmet. The captain of West Hartland orders at full speed to keep the hold covered, but it was in vain. The Governor began to sink into 240 feet of water, while all but eight of his passengers were able to board the freighter.

The following accident account was provided by

The lighthouse keeper Thomas:

"It was 12:05 this morning when I heard the crash. When I turned in the direction of the sound, I saw West Hartland with my nose pinned to the governor's starboard side. It was clear and the ships were in sight of about three quarters of a mile away. I immediately called Port Townsend and tried to get the Coast Guard, Arcata and Snohomish out. They were both out of the harbor. I finally got several pitches. Outside, and it wasn't more than an hour before the Governor left. sink ".

The light at Wilson Point was automated in 1976 and today is monitored by a computer at the Coast Guard Air Station in Port Angeles.

The Point Wilson Light is an active navigation aid located in Fort Worden State Park, near Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Washington. Wikipedia

Address: 200 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Height: 46 ′

Open: 1879

Phone: (360) 344-4412

Construction: concrete


New signs wrongly show promise in injury prevention


I often write about the various crimes for which a traffic ticket can be issued and the consequences that result from them. I do this because I want to help as many people as possible who receive traffic tickets to receive a fair result. I take that responsibility very seriously; After all, this is my job. However, I would also like to inform other Florida drivers about various issues I encounter, be it new traffic laws, changes in drug and DUI laws, or about the causes and effects of driving behaviors.

There are innumerable driving behaviors that result in traffic accidents. Most of these accidents do not end in injuries to the occupants of the vehicles involved. Unfortunately, a large number of these accidents cause injuries and deaths every year. We hear or read about them almost daily. All accidents are investigated by various law enforcement agencies, especially when a death occurs. Often, accidents that result in fatality are attributed to speed, driving under the influence or reckless driving.

However, there is a type of accident that we do not hear very often, and those are accidents that occur as a result of driving on the road the wrong way. A report from the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) of 2012 defines driving in the opposite direction as "… vehicular movement along a traffic lane in a direction opposite to the legal flow of road traffic split high speed or access ramps. "

The reason we don't hear about this type of traffic accident as often as others is because, quite frankly, they don't happen as often as some of these other types of accidents. Although this is statistically true, they only represent 3% of accidents, they are especially worrisome because the mortality rate in road accidents is tremendously higher than that of other types of accidents. It is difficult to say with certainty why these types of accidents are much more lethal than many other types, but surely due to the fact that they are almost exclusively frontal or almost direct collisions.

There are also many conjectures about the real causes of accidents astray. An area of ​​concern is construction sites. No matter what work is being done on the roads, it is very easy to find confusing changes in traffic patterns. I know there have been times when I have not been sure of the right path to travel until I move closer to the construction site. Changing traffic patterns can be confusing enough, but when traffic is diverted in a completely different direction and the right path to follow becomes unclear, it can be very confusing and dangerous.

Another problem that can cause these horrible accidents may be that sometimes the access ramps are poorly marked. When this is combined with some of the strange access exchanges that I have seen, it should not surprise a wandering driver to think that he knows the direction in which he is traveling just to end in tragedy. Add other factors to the mix, such as poor lighting, having to go under the bridges to reach the correct ramp and signs that are not always obvious, and end with a recipe for disaster.

Research on this type of accident indicates that alcohol and / or drugs also occupy a prominent place in accidents incorrectly. In a report published by the National Traffic Safety Board in 2012, their data showed that approximately 60% of those responsible for accidents were incorrectly affected by alcohol or drugs, and ½ to ¾ of them were caused By those who have a blood alcohol content. of 08 or higher.

The drugs involved do not necessarily mean illicit drugs, but can be prescribed for various diseases. Even when the medication is taken correctly, reactions can often vary in individuals. It also takes into account how taking multiple medications affects drivers, however, there is little real data that can predict how an individual's body can react to the combination of medications.

The 2012 report is not the first study conducted by the NTSB. In fact, they have been investigating the causes and effects of accidents incorrectly since 1968. In the most recent study, they obtained their data by analyzing the information of 9 accidents that occurred in several states. Probably, the most revealing information revealed in the report was the small number of accidents that occur incorrectly, but the large number of deaths they represent.

Due to the seriousness of these accidents, the State of Florida is working on the creation of a system to try to prevent these tragedies. Currently, a pilot program is being worked on in 15 locations, including the Homestead Turnpike extension and the Sawgrass Expressway that involves adding flashing lights so drivers know they are about to move in the wrong direction. This is phase one of what many expect to incorporate a 2 phase process. The second consideration is to install multiple pop-up poles in the lane that say "incorrectly." This is for the driver to realize that he is traveling in the wrong direction and make corrections before someone is injured. So far, there have been positive comments about the program, as it has interceded 10 times, since the vehicles have tried to travel in the wrong direction.

Turnpike spokesman Chad Huff said: "I would say circumstantial evidence is pretty good that the system is having some effect on driving behavior."

Although Florida is ranked third in the country for deaths attributed to these horrific accidents, it is not the first state to try to solve this problem. Rhode Island, New York, Virginia and other states have already addressed this serious problem using similar systems or are considering addressing it by installing some type of warning system. A German car manufacturer has even taken steps to install warning systems in some of its car models. Each of these methods is different, but I have not yet seen data evaluating its success or failure rate.

Unfortunately, when I was looking for information for this article, I found dozens of car photos that had been involved in these types of accidents. Some were so horrible that they were practically unrecognizable as vehicles, and there was little doubt that the accident caused someone's death. The best hope to reduce this problem is by installing some kind of warning system that can be done economically. Central Florida will install a system in five different locations at a cost of only $ 300,000. Undoubtedly, that cost is a bargain if you consider the amount of lives you can save.

As a traffic ticket attorney, I focus on trying to help drivers who receive traffic tickets, but I would also like to help keep drivers safe. I hope the information in this article helps at least one reader avoid making this deadly mistake. However, if you received a traffic ticket for any reason, call me at 954-967-9888 for a free consultation. Our decades of experience can help you reduce or completely dismiss your traffic ticket.


10 ways to make your hotel room romantic


There are several ways in which you can transform your hotel room into your own private romantic hideaway. Of course, you must hire someone to prepare the room in advance or you need to find your way before your partner gets there.

The 10 main ways to improve the appearance of your guest room are detailed below:

  1. Music. The best way is to have an i-pod with portable speakers (many hotels now have an i-pod docking station) so you can connect your favorite music to fill the room. Although not too strong.
  2. Illumination. There is nothing worse than entering a room full of bright lights. Turn off all the lights and strategically place some votive candles that work with batteries around the room (without danger of fire, allowed by the hotels. Do not make the same mistake that some have made: use real candles only so that the smoke hits super sensitive detectors and make an alarm sound). Close the curtains / blinds.
  3. Rose petals. When the person you are trying to impress opens the door, you will find a trail of rose petals that runs from the front door to the bed. Sprinkle many rose petals on the bed too. As a special note, most hotels do not like the use of real rose petals, but you can use them whenever you are careful (for example, if there is a white comforter in the room, protect the bed by placing a romantic blanket or throw it away) on the bed and then place the petals on top).
  4. Flowers Roses are king, but some people don't care. Find out what your favorite flower is and place an arrangement in the room (or it can be a single flower on the bed or place it in a vase).
  5. Edible Decadence Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and a favorite for romantic occasions. Skip the heart-shaped box of the bargain basement and look for more high-end truffles at a local chocolate shop or candy store.
  6. Odor. Have you noticed how some hotel rooms smell like cleaning products? That can spoil the mood. Choose a fragrance perfume from a store like Body Shop. Or you can buy a "plug" and insert it into one of the room exits, simply choose a romantic scent (like vanilla or jasmine)
  7. Bed. Most of the nicer hotels have excellent sheets and comforters these days. But if you want to add something to the experience, bring your own satin sheets and make the bed again (yes, a little extra work but it's worth it) or add a throw blanket or faux fur to the bed.
  8. Bubbly. Champagne always marks a special occasion and will combine well with chocolates. If you don't have alcohol, sparkling cider is a great substitute (or sparkling wine without alcohol).
  9. Love Letter. You have prepared this whole room, but why? Tell your special person in a note, but not on a piece of binder paper. Buy a nice card, write something special and leave it in the bed room.
  10. Extras Some other nice details are having a bathroom ready (decorated around the edge of the bathtub with candles and rose petals), a framed photo of you two in the room and a massage kit. Some couples may choose to hire someone for a couple's massage, but would you rather massage your partner or have a stranger touch it?


The benefits of hiring taxi services


Traveling by public transport can be quite tiring and problematic at times. In addition to being very crowded, public commutation, such as trains and buses, can also take a long time. In addition, you must manage your time according to your schedules. That is the basic reason why taxi services have become so popular. People have begun to understand the various advantages offered by these taxi services and some of them have been discussed below.

Taxi services are extremely convenient, so much so that they are available at your door whenever you need them. Although they are also available to the general public, the taxi provides comfort and privacy, since you, as a passenger, are not required to share it with anyone else.

If you're wondering exactly what are the ways in which taxi services score on public transport, you may want to consider flexibility as a starting point. Unlike buses and trains that follow their own schedule, taxis give you the opportunity to travel wherever and whenever you want. Say, for example, that you need to take a flight in the early hours of the morning. Will you wait patiently at the nearest stop for a bus to arrive? Of course, no! The wisest thing to do in this case is to hire a taxi. In addition to being safe switching modes, they also save you a lot of time because you don't have to make frequent stops to pick up other passengers.

Taxi drivers know the city well and, therefore, can make sure it reaches its destination safely. They have a good idea about the traffic situation and, therefore, can take it through less crowded streets so that it arrives at its destination on time. Sometimes it may be a better option to hire a taxi than to drive your own car. This is because with a taxi you don't have to worry about parking space. If you can take advantage of the comfort of your car without worrying about any other inconvenience, why would you choose more than a taxi?

If you need a taxi, Fullerton residents can now breathe a sigh of relief. California Yellow Cab provides fast taxi services with the help of web and telephone technologies. They guarantee passenger satisfaction and can take you wherever you want to go.


Dubai golf courses: they offer real value for playing golf


Are you interested in having a golf break? Well, then is the right time to move to Dubai. It is an excellent place that is full of all the necessary aspects that travelers want from an exceptional vacation. The weather in Dubai is bright and you will get impressive golf courses here. Well, if you really want to have a good holiday, come to Arabia Horizons. It is the right destination that will provide real value for golfers. Every year, many people from all over the world come to play golf in Arabia Horizons.

It will definitely give you a wonderful experience and you will feel great playing golf here. The stadium is open 24 hours a day and will give you lots of fun. This would be just a trip for a lifetime. Many Dubai golf courses here are lit so it would be good to play golf at night. Playing golf at night gives you a different experience than playing during the day. Many people who come here choose the night to play golf. During your trip to Dubai, you can have good deals on the purchase of golf clubs, sportswear and other golf equipment.

Arabia Horizons offers you the best golf vacation that would meet your exact needs. Our pioneer visit operations will ensure you have a wonderful game of golf, an excellent hotel to stay, food to eat, places you want to see and nightlife that you want to enjoy. Travelers who come here get a wide variety of Dubai golf courses to choose from. Some of the excellent golf courses in Dubai offered by Arabia Horizons are:

o Arabian Ranches Golf Club
o Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
or Emirates Golf Club
o Four Seasons Golf Club
o Jebel Ali Golf Resort
o The Els Club
o The Montgomerie, Dubai
o Abu Dhabi Club
o Al Hamra Club – RAK
o Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club
o Towerlinks Club – RAK

All these golf courses are the best golf course in Dubai in Emirates and are ready to offer you the best golf game in the whole world. Here you will have the opportunity to have free time and parties and affordable rates. Arabia Horizons also offers you to choose different golf packages that start with bronze, silver and gold packages with overnight accommodations. Many famous and renowned golf players come here to try their swings. You can also spend a wonderful and memorable moment in Arabia Horizons.

You will surely have a great travel experience and have the opportunity to learn about the cultural history of Dubai. Well, if you are thinking of traveling to Dubai at your next vacation destination, don't forget to visit the famous Dubai golf courses in Arabia Horizons. All courses here will offer you an exceptional and challenging experience to drive your golf shot. So why are you waiting to pack your luggage and visit the vibrant city "Dubai"? Today!